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  1. Got it fixed, downgraded to Icue version 3. Everything started working again. Dont know why, with version 3 all rgb lighting was working again. Knowing that version 3 worked fine. I decide to uninstall it and try version 4 of Icue again. With I fresh install, not doing the in program update. Found out why version was effecting my lighting. It seem that something is wrong with how the program is saving Lighting Effects and Hardware Lighting. Its a hit or miss reproducing the problem. Sometimes it will save the info for both on the fly and then after a reboot those setting are gone. If I only mess with one, on one device. Say memory Lighting Effects and not Hardware Lighting and set it for all device's. Icue works, save the info and works fine. Tested by doing Multiple reboots of the system. Dont know why it doing it that way. Im just glad it fixed.
  2. Well the problem has grown, now when I startup my system the Dominator Memory are all Blacked out. Half of my Ql120 rgb fans are blacked out too. Once I let the system set for a few seconds after Boot and desktop is showing. It corrects itself turning the memory and fan lighting back on. Going from having one problem to having this new one and the only thing I changed was from Icue version 3 to 4. To answer your question about my system, Motherboard is Evga and gpu as well. Mb is z490 and gpu 2070, I do not have any of the software for either Mb or Gpu installed on my system to change lighting. I did have the software install about year ago when I first built my system just to set the lighting. Then I uninstalled it. Like I said everything was has been working fine Up until I install Icue version 4. I had been running Icue version 3 for a year with no problems. Im incline to think it Icue version 4 is the problem, since it the only software update I did, when I started getting this lighting problem. But to let you know I did do a clean Install of Icue verion 4, deleted Wallpaperengine software, And since I dont have MB or Gpu manufactor software install to control Rgb, was nothing else to delete. Since the Fresh Install of Icue version 4.14.179 now I have the problem with startup of my system missing lighting on memory and half my fans. Im downgrading back to Version 3. Will let you know if it corrects my problems.
  3. Hello all, I upgraded Icue to V.4.14.179 just 2 days ago. Right away started having problems with memory lighting. Icue seems to turn the lighting option off on one or all memory. Its totally random what it does, I have 4 dimms of Dominator Rgb installed. It will shut down a random stick of memory or all of them together. I check the Icue software and the memory is still set to display what I have had selected. If I uncheck and recheck the option. Boom! problem is fixed until the next reboot and then it start all over. I have WallpaperEngine installed, on my system. But when I started to have this lighting problem with the memory, I disabled it. It doesnt matter if wallpaperengine is running or not. The problem still exist. Anyone having the same problem? Thinking on downgrading back to Version 3 icue which didnt have this problem.
  4. Hello all, I have a H150i Elite Capellix 360 Aio cooler. I have been noticing big temperature difference between the Aio water temps and the Cpu. The Aio will say the liquid tempts at 35c and and Cpu will be at 35c not under load. But when Cpu is under load and running at 65c or higher. The Aio will still say it at 35c, even after a hour. Is this Right? Shouldnt the temp come up on the Aio? It has me worried that either the paste on the Aio isnt as good as it should be or that the waterblock not seated right. I have check everything and made sure the mount screws are tight. The system is only a few months old, didnt notice the temperature difference between Aio and cpu until now. Dont remember ever having seen it before now. Should I re-paste the water block? (paste currently on it is from factory) and reseat the block? Thanks for any suggestion.
  5. **Update** Got the replacement Kit in 4 days earlier than the shipper status page said. They are working great with all color working and matching. Couldn't be happier on the quick turn around and gettig my problem solved!
  6. Well just found out about this rgb lighting problem with Dominator memory, the hard way. After I built my new system, 2 of the 4 Dominator Platinum Rgb Memory sticks is having rgb lighting problems. One memory stick has two malfunctioning Led lights and the other has only one malfunction led light. Memory Kit I got from Newegg almost 3 months ago and just finally had everything ready for my new system (Hate Covid for slowing down my build). The memory Kit is the CMT32GX4M4C3200C16, made in Taiwan. Going to see if I can Rma them. Just hoping they will only need the two malfunction memory sticks not the whole kit. So I can still run my system on the two good sticks. P.s. Tried everything I read here, force update (no luck) and so on. *Update* Rma went through, so sending the Dominator out this friday. All the way back to Taiwan, hoping for a quick turn around. Friend loaned me some old non rgb dominator memory to keep my new system running.
  7. Thanks, if you wouldn't mind Have another question. Got it all wired up and working but having one problem can't seem to find the answer too. When booting up or shutting down fans on the Lighting Node Core go white. Everything on the Commander Core stays colored shutting down or booting up. Is something wrong with the lighting node core? or is it just that way?
  8. Hello all, I have seen a few post showing image's of H150i Elite Capellix and 9 or more fan's being wired. The problem I'm pretty sure, I know the answer too. Just want to make sure, I'm right. The image's all show using a RGB Led Fan Hub, which I don't have. Instead I have Lighting Node Core (3 of them), I'm sure I can use the Core to replace Hub in the image and wire my system up and have it work? My setup is as follow's: H150i Elite Capellix w/ commander core Commander Pro 10 x Ql 120 fans and 3x lighting node core (only using 1 of them) I will have the Commander Pro hooked to 1 motherboard usb connector, other MB usb connector for front case panel. The Commander Core and Lighting Nobe Core hooked to the Pro's Usb connector's. I'm pretty sure this will work? Just wanting to make sure before I have wiring nest made. Any help or advise you can give me will be great.
  9. Hello all, been a few years since I Upgraded or even messed with my system. So I Jumped right in, bought a Commander Pro and Update all my fans to Ql's which came with the Light Node Core. Question I have is testing to make sure everything hooked up right and working, on my new PC build. I haven't yet received my Z490 dark MB yet as it back ordered. I'm wanting to test out the fans and RGB without the Commander Pro hooked up to a MB usb port. Is it possible without damaging anything? or do I need to wait on the Mb to hook it all up to a usb port? Any help you can give me, would be great. Also hope this is the right forum to post this in. Thanks.
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