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  1. Not really sure why they're forcing people to buy the SE to get the most "value" out of their purchase. For $10 more than the standard MK.2, you get PBT keycaps which cost $50 by themselves but we're forced on the white color scheme and only one switch option which is a huge bummer.
  2. Are you sure about that? I was under the impression that only the MK.2 SE has PBT keycaps and the standard black MK.2 still uses the same ABS keycaps as the LUX and K95 Plat line.
  3. You order through Corsair like any other website, just add it to cart and checkout, I linked you to the page in my previous comment. I think they do that because the RGB MX Blues have had quality control troubles in the past so they probably do another quality control check before sending them out. Asus for example doesn't sell RGB MX Blues on their Claymore in the USA but they do sell them in other countries.
  4. They sell the K70 LUX RGB with MX Blues: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Color/Keyboard-Model/Key-Switches/lux-config-na/p/CH-9101011-NA I'm pretty sure you can only buy it directly from Corsair though.
  5. Yep, that's one of the big downsides of Costar stabilizers. That's why I suggested in another thread that they should just clip their Cherry stabilizers like other companies, such as Ducky does, as it gives a much better/solid feel without any of the complications of Costar stabilizers.
  6. Yeah, I just made a topic about this a week ago. Hands down my biggest complaint with Corsair boards are their stock Cherry stabilizers, they're just much more flimsy and feel cheap compared to others. My first K70 LUX unit spacebar was terrible, my replacement was better but nowhere near as good as my keyboards with Costar or clipped Cherry stabilizers.
  7. Greetings, I'd just like to provide feedback regarding the stock Cherry stabilizers that Corsair uses on all their mechanical keyboards. Having used many mechanical keyboards, I have to say the stock Cherry stabs that Corsair uses have been the most unsatisfying to use. My personal favorite are Costar, but I know the simplicity of removing and attaching Cherry stabilizers is very appealing. If possible, why don't you switch over to clipped Cherry stabilizers? A Ducky Shine 6 I purchased had these clipped Cherry stabilizers and they felt just as good as my keyboards with Costar while having all the benefits of the Cherry stabilizers. No rattle, and no mushiness at all.
  8. That's probably spring resonance coming from inside the switch. Just know, it's considered "normal" although I do think it should be considered a defect since all it requires is a tiny bit of lube on the springs or simply rotating the spring fixes it in most cases. Corsair will still RMA it for you but just know there's no guarantee your replacement keyboard with be any better or it could even be worse off.
  9. You shouldn't bash him, considering it's a real issue with early batches of the K70 LUX. My K70 LUX with MX Blues had the same problem, it would get louder the brighter the lights were set: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=159744 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=160133
  10. Your spacebar looks to be normal, that's the issue with Cherry stabilizers. I really wish Corsair would consider using Costar in the future as it gives the stabilized keys feel a lot better. Nearly everyone I've talked to, their biggest complaint with Corsair keyboards was the spacebar, myself included.
  11. That's the reason why I don't like Cherry stabilizers compared to Costar stabilizers. Small variances in the stabs and how they were mounted can make the keys like spacebar feel completely different across the same keyboard.
  12. This is pretty common on the RGB switch, they're more prone to issues verses the non RGB switch, for some users it does get better over time, others reported it stayed the same so I'm not really sure. You should give it at least a week though to see if they loosen up, here's other topics about it: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=159227 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=159012
  13. Yeah I also got that email and found it odd they didn't have RGB Blues listed there, only single LED. With just my luck the caps lock indicator LED on my keyboard died yesterday and support says they have no replacements with Blues available and that they can only replace it with a Red or Brown. I also checked online and every website such as Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, etc... has been out of stock for a while, I hope we're not going to see another 2014 repeat.
  14. Yep, this one feels like a true 100% Cherry MX Blue keyboard. I'm not exaggerating, the first one was honestly fatiguing my fingers very fast with how stiff it was, this one is extremely smooth on all the keys.
  15. It honestly feels like a completely different keyboard. If someone had blindfolded me and made me type on both keyboards, I would of never guessed the first one was using MX Blues. It really does feel completely different, we just received this keyboard today in the mail and right out of the box it was perfect. Absolutely no stiff keys, the clicks sound crisp and the larger keys with stabilizers are so much smoother and easy to press down. I used my old one excessively for a month and while it did slightly improve, I was never really satisfied with how the keys felt, it felt like I was typing on a switch with an activation force much higher than 60g.
  16. Hey everyone, my brother actually ended up purchasing one of these from Newegg and right out of the box, it was night and day compared to the one I bought at launch. His keys weren't stiff at all and even the larger keys felt great to press. Also his spacebar was a completely different in feel and sound compared to my unit. So I'm guessing there are good units out there. The only complaint on his is his unit has more keys that make that ping noise but in terms of the switches themselves, complete difference.
  17. Should I submit an RMA if my keyboard is buzzing slightly at 100% brightness? I can only hear it if my PC fans are off and only at level 3 brightness. Should there be absolutely no buzzing noise at all?
  18. Yep, I posted that I had that same problem. In my case it got slightly better but your mileage may vary. I think the two stabilizers on the sides have to loosen up. The strange thing is that off all the "Blue" switch type keyboards I've used, it's the only one that came like that out of the box.
  19. I'd like to know that as well, my MX Blues are stiff if I press them on the sides, I have to hit them dead in the center to feel semi smooth. I've also noticed the RGB MX Blues are out of stock on the official Corsair store and on Newegg they took down the listing for the Blues completely.
  20. Never noticed that noise myself until you mentioned it. Although I can only hear it on the brightest setting and I have to put my ear pretty much on top of the keyboard.
  21. So far, I know the Ducky Shine 5 uses them and the Vortex POK3R RGB.
  22. That's actually a good question, I'm pretty sure the non RGB MX Blues were never discontinued on the original K70 so I'm guessing the problem is mostly exclusive to the RGB variant, probably due to how the RGB switches are built in a clear housing that may interfere with an MX Blue's mechanism.
  23. That's certainly promising news that there's maybe some good units out there. Which goes back to my original statement that some of the fault is on Corsair's QA. Still some people are more sensitive to these things than others. Like my keyboard does click, it's just there's some really weak clicks and on some keys but each key does click to a certain degree, just not as crisp as what I'm used to, and having typed on various MX Blues and their Chinese counterparts(Kailh, Razer Green, Greetech) this one has the weakest click and stiffest keys so far, well actually, I'd say in terms of click noise it was tied with the original Razer Green switch, their new switch is a lot better.
  24. I don't think it would be fair to put the blame completely on Cherry, I think both parties have some fault here. Early reviews of the POK3R RGB keyboard with MX Blues is doing well so there's definitely something going on at Corsair's end as well. I assume the crystal housing of the RGB switch interferes with how an MX Blue works which makes it the hardest switch for Cherry to manufacturer so that's not doing anyone any favors when it comes to their clicky switches. The original RGB MX Blues were discontinued because they were faulty on a large scale, they've had over two years to make sure all issues were sorted out and that doesn't seem to be the case, it's as if no one even bothered testing these units before releasing them. The RGB Strafe with Blues by far has had the most mixed reviews of all the switches available on the Strafe so that should of been even more of a motivation to fix the issues before launching the LUX RGB Blues.
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