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  1. Oh, did not know that it was so big difference between the two Dark Core.
  2. Have you checked in the storage place on the right side of the mouse?
  3. In iCUE 3 i had temps of my SSD's in Dashboard, but in iCUE 4 i can't find them. EDIT: In settings you have under "Dashboard" you can enable "Storage Drive Widget", i toggle to off an back on again, a message came up that i needed to restart iCUE Service and i did that and now my SSD's are shown in Dashboard.
  4. I did the update with latest iCUE and only firmware to the mouse, not dongle. Works fine just like before the firmware update. So that you need a older iCUE to update firmware in the Dark Core is not true. I did just conect the provided cable to the mouse and pressed update and voila, it works like before. My dongle is mounted in my ST100, no update to that one. EDIT: i moved my dongle to the frontpanel instead and now it says i have an new firmware for the dongle, updated and it works fine as before. Moved it back to my ST100 and works fine.
  5. When i updated, only the mouse did update firmware and it works as usuall...no problems. Have tested both with wire and wireless, works fine as before firmware update. EDIT: moved my dongle to the frontpanel(i have it in my ST100) and now there was an new firmware to the dongle, updated and it works fine, moved it back to my ST100 and works fine as before update.
  6. I have Corsair RAM and Dashboard shows temps and some more stuff as Frequenzy etc. etc.
  7. Start a ticket at the Corsair Support site
  8. Strange, i update every time and still no problems...and i got plenty of Corsair products...K95 Plat, M65 Elite, Virtuoso SE, RM850i, Dominator Platninum RGB, ST100, H150i, Commander PRO, Node PRO, 9 LL-fans, 10 Led-strips, LT100...just working...
  9. Maybe is the AX-series there is a issue because it is working fine for me, i have a RM850i
  10. Have no problems with my mouse...works great
  11. Have that setting for my Virtuoso SE also...
  12. Some new produkts, iCUE Nexus and LT100 Smart Lightning Tower is added...and som bugfixes i guess... For me it is working as usuall...
  13. With the new iCUE 3.30.89 it is working for me. No big deal, everythinng worked fine but the led was flashing before update.
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