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  1. Yes, I did. The only fans I have in my pc are hd 120 fans. All others were taken out to assist in trouble shooting
  2. Tried both ways as you suggested. If I take swap a RGB (number 7) will light up, but then then another light will turn off.
  3. Want to buy the corsair ssd threaded cables. Its 13 dollars on the corsair website.. Its 12.95 to ship. Im in san Diego. This a mistake?
  4. Having a lot of issues with icue software. Im pretty tech savy. Can i be a beta tester for upcoming versions of icue?
  5. I have 8 hd120 fans. All of them light up with the expection of one. Using Corsair pro with 2 RGB hubs I've connected them all in order. Verified via icue, I have 6 hd120 rgb cords connected to led channel 1. 2 connected cia channel 2. Reset the PC, changed commander to different hub Reset firmware on commander by inserting pin. Viewed various forums and youtube videos Ran out of ideas. Request the communitys assistance.
  6. Your profiles are AWESOME! Thanks for posting. Quick question: Will all these profiles work with CUE2 Beta?
  7. I would like to have short cuts for common tasks in Cue
  8. Hello Thought it would be cool to see what macros / hotkeys everyone uses for Productivity or games. Show them skills
  9. Hmm that is strange. Nothing broke for me. Corsair - Let me know if you need any logs to investigate.
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