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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I just added one fan to the Commander that comes with the Capellix, previously all had been on the Commander that comes with the 500D case. I assumed it was because the Capellix thought there was no cooling on the radiator. I had bolted the radiator directly to the fan assembly at the front of the case, so I wired all the fans to the Commander that came with the case. Now I think I will move the 3 front fans to the Capellix Commander, and leave the other 3 case fans on the Commander in the case. The hoses exit the radiator about 3 inches higher than the pump, so the pump is definitely not the high point. I also don't hear any liquid or pump sound, so I assume any air bubbles in the system are not getting pumped through the pump head. Thanks again!
  2. Update. I went ahead and put one Corsair fan on the Commander Core and now everything seems to be fine. All fans lighted and the CPU temp is steady at 39C. Interestingly, I still don't hear the pump at all, so it must be very quiet. In any case, it looks like now I can finish up the final wiring and get Windows 10 installed. Thanks for the help. By the way, one more thing, I was watching a video that highly recommended having the radiator positioned so the tubes came up from the bottom of the case, rather than down from the top.. The point being that air in the system will go to the top where the feed hoses go to the CPU. Should I reverse the radiator orientation, or does the Capellix work well when the tubing comes from the top? It will be a more difficult arrangement to get the tubes to go around the video card and memory if I reverse the radiator, but I think it will be possible.
  3. PS, Dr. Strangelove is one of my favorite movies!
  4. Thanks very much DevBiker. Just turned the system on for the first time. Everything boots to the BIOS fine, but the cap on the pump head was flashing red, and the CPU temp went up quickly, so I shut it down. Tried a different power connector to the Commander Core, and then it booted with the normal colors on the pump head for about 20 sec. Then it went back to flashing red. I don't hear any pump noise when it is on. The Commander Core is hooked up to power and the pump head, and since the lights on the pump head work, it must be getting power. I would really like to hear the pump come on, but so far it is silent. The Commander Core and the Commander Pro are both hooked directly to USB headers on the motherboard (Crosshair VIII). Right now all 5 of the fans are on the Commander Pro and only the pump head is in the Commander Core. Do I need to have at least one fan connected to the Commander Core to get the pump to work? Thanks.
  5. I am putting together a system with 3 Corsair parts that need USB 2 headers, but I only have 2 headers on the motherboard. I need USB connections for the Commander Core that comes with the Capellix AIO cooler, for the Commander Pro that comes with the 500D case, and for the HX1200i power supply. My question is, can one of the USB connections (for example the one from the power supply) be connected to one of the USB ports on the Commander Pro? I want everything to show up in iCue, and I am just not sure that will work using one of the USB ports on the Commander Pro. The other option is to buy a powered internal USB hub, but I would rather use the ports on the Commander Pro if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I am putting together a Ryzen system with the Corsair 500D RGB case (with lighting hub) and the Corsair H150i Elite Capellix AIO cooler (with its own lighting hub). This means that I either replace the lighting commander hub that comes with the 500D RGB case (because you need to connect the Capellix pump head to the Commander Core lighting hub that comes with the Capellix) or I need to install both lighting hubs into the 500D RGB case. If anyone has done this, did you end up installing both RGB commanders, and if so, where did you put the second one that comes with the Capellix? There is limited room in the back of the case unless I want to use up one of the two large HD bays. That seems like the best potential location. I will set it up quickly and test how it works with both in, before I go back and do the final placement and wiring properly. Thanks!
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