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  1. So I pulled the pump apart and discovered it’s not buildup, the tube melted!! I don’t see how since my loop runs pretty consistent around 65-67C under load. It’s melted and deformed and some buildup around the melted area. Image attached. Anyone seen something like this? I think it has to be a defective part since nothing else on the pump has melted and the motor works perfectly.
  2. I have an XD5 Resevoir/Pump combo that I've been using for about a year. I've only run Distilled Water or clear EK Cryo Fuel through it. For a couple months I had it at about 50% full (I was lazy after bleeding the air) and I noticed a strange white buildup, like Calcium as well as a blue/green discoloration on the return tube in the reservoir at right about the water line. I tried to manually remove it with a wire through the inlet on top, but it's stuck hard. I took the top cover off (the leds) and submerged the tank it organic CLR for a couple hours. It did nothing. Strange thing is there is no buildup anywhere else in my loop, just on that one tube. Anyone have any other ideas how to clean it off?
  3. So I worked it out - I’m pushing through 2 GPU blocks, a CPU block and a thin Nemesis GTS radiator. These rads are very high pressure drop, basically the same as a CPU block. It was too much pressure drop for the pump. So I put in a fill valve (with a through hole to the case top) between the CPU and radiator. I left this slightly open when first turning on the pump which reduced the pressure enough for the pump to push to the fill port. I closed it right before the water hit and then tapped the pump bottom to push it through the rad. Once the loop was closed (water back to the resevoir), the pump was able to keep the water flowing fine.
  4. I just tried my XD5 and it can’t push water out of the pump it seems. As a test, I rigged up a direct outlet to inlet test and it blasts through that - but my loop is a now go. I’ve got 2 water cooled GPUs (not Corsair blocks) and my cpu. I’m pushing through a thin 360 radiator and my case forces some tight corners. I’m replacing a cracked enermax neochanger, which I put into the loop and pushes everything fine, even at low speeds. Tried tilting the case, no luck. Checked all ports and everything is connected right. Either it’s a weak pump or defective. Any ideas?
  5. I have both a Lighting Node Pro and a Commander Mini (with my 860i connected to it as well as lighting strips). I installed iCue to run my Node Pro, and updated to latest CL4. Well, my mini isn't seen anymore! the 860i is detected through the mini, but it says its controlled by the iCue now...except it doesn't show up there either. I'd love to upgrade to a commander pro, except it doesn't have the iLink connections, how am I supposed to connect my 860i except another dedicated USB header? I also can't change my lighting strips because the mini doesn't show up anywhere!
  6. Anything Corsair? Did you guys drop the option to flip temperature to load in link??
  7. My Swiftech AO1 just died and I need a cooler for my x399, can you tell us when the bracket will be available? Otherwise I’m going to have to go with a different brand...
  8. I just acquired a Corsair RM450 (the product is discontinued, but I got it new from someone that had it sitting on their shelf for years). It has a link cable, but its an analog connection, so the cable splits with half connecting to a fan header and the other half a temperature probe. In the old Link 3.x you could change the Temperature probe to a Load option so you could monitor the power load. Was that dropped in Link 4.x? I can see the temp readout, but there's no option to change the sensor type, even though the window says "type: temperature" when I double click on it. If that has been dropped, if I buy the analog to USB header digital adapter (still available for $10) would that work with Link 4.x? Or is monitoring the loading condition on the RM450 a lost cause?
  9. I was hoping to see one at CES, but alas no. My lian-li case flips the PSU so the fan exhausts straight out and an rgb fan would look awesome!
  10. I just acquired an MSI X399 Pro-Carbon motherboard for my 1920X build. The MSI QVL and Corsair website both say it can use the 3200 Vengeance RGB memory. However, the 3600 is available on Amazon for $10 cheaper (for 2x8). Both lists are a few months out of date and this is fairly new memory. Can anyone verify if this memory will work well?
  11. I posting to this thread since its still a question on lighting. Can the individually addressable RGB strips be daisy-chained just like the regular RGB strips? If so, how many can you do on a single RGB header? I need 6 strips to light my case the way I want, and I'd like to use the addressable strips. I have an older lighting node and commander mini with 2 strips per slot. I'm planning to keep the mini (I don't see the benefit of upgrading the mini), but I'd like to run all 6 strips off the new lighting node pro. If its still 2x per slot limited, can I run them off the RGB header if I buy the fan kit? Also, anyone know of the availability of expansion sets for new RGB strips?
  12. I know CL4 has some resizing capability, but I'd call it "limited." The tiles all stay the same, and it just rearranged to maximize based on the size of the link window. But I wish it had a fit to screen option, or an option to resize the tiles so you can make it fit a smaller screen.
  13. I actually have no issues with Corsair Link finding my devices, in fact it went too far. It detected my Hitachi Deskstar HDD temp. I really don't care for this sensor (it's my back-up HDD, and the tile is using up a lot of screen real estate) and I'm space limited on my display so I'd like to remove it. Is there a way to delete tiles? If not, I'd love to see it added!
  14. I'm running CL4 (latest version). I updated a couple months ago when the latest first came out. But in the last week, it keeps forgetting my Fan settings. I have my radiator fans set to constant 40% (I'll manually turn it up if I need to - which I haven't had to recently). I keep my PC on 24/7 but every couple hours I'll stop by and the fan is running at 100%. I open up the fan setting and click "apply" and it drops back down to 40%. I can't figure out why it keeps changing. I don't close the app, don't shut down/restart the PC. It just does it, and I can't figure out why.
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