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  1. /bump So you're saying I should just pick up a Hue+?
  2. /bump at least 10 characters long.
  3. Hi, what is the best method to connect the Corsair Mini RGB header to off-the-shelf 5050 RGB LED strips? I've also recently purchased an RGB pump/res combo from EK and I can't figure out how to connect the connector to the Corsair Mini. Where can I get a connector that fits?
  4. Definitely doesn't work for the Rapidfire.
  5. I guess I should just look at the code and fix it? =/
  6. Hi, what do I need to do to make it work on my new Rapidfire?
  7. I'm assuming some code has to be reworked slightly for the RAPIDFIRE? If you don't mind? =P
  8. When you start seeing massive sales on the K70 line, you know K70 mk.2 is just around the corner. It's a shame really. I REALLY REALLY liked the keyboard. I just couldn't put up with the flickering and the endless unfulfilled promises.
  9. I can see a new wave of profiles being posted "Mega Rainbow - No Flicker" or "Plamsa Storm - No Flicker". /sigh
  10. Corsair James answered this in another thread. Nope, not related. Flickering is not going away.
  11. Oh Jucko13, you got my hopes up... maybe someone from Corsair will contact you and ask for your advice?
  12. You know if this works, it would make Corsair look really bad. I'm gonna assume, no, it doesn't work for CUE because.
  13. So will the flickering be a permanent fixture of using 16.8 million colors, or will that be addressed somehow?
  14. "request me anything and ill make it" =P JK dude. I know the software is kinda gimped still. Are they ever going to let us do whatever we want with via full LUA scripting?
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