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  1. Hello, my Corsair AX860i power supply has recently (few days ago) died. As soon as I power on the system, a *click* sound can be heard (relay?), fans jerk a bit and the system gets powered off. If the power cord gets disconnected and power drained (from system -> by pressing the power button) and then PSU re-connected same thing happens. If I don't press the power button, after draining the current and have PSU connected, motherboard and other components are receiving power (LEDs on the motherboard are glowing). Which leads me to think that the main 12v rail breaker / fuse is damaged. PSU never worked under full load and was never tampered in any way (GPU: Asus gtx 690, Motherboard: Asus Maximus vii hero, CPU: Intel i3-4160). I've tested the CPU with multiple (3) systems and I'm 100% sure that something's wrong with it. Now, I've got the original PSU packaging and it says that I have 7 years of warranty, so I was wondering, how should I proceed with this? who can assist me and where should I send the PSU to? Thank you in advance! -kind regards- Gomo
  2. 1. Sadly you can't.. 2. You could write a small batch / exe file to load in all the values, do the math and save results in another file. And have it run, every hour, daily or whatever you'd like. It's doable but requires decent amount of effort.. Wish corsair would implement this necessary / missing feature :(
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