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  1. Going through and reorganizing some loose PC parts and have a few modular PSU cables that are unmarked. I’m 90% sure these go to my HX750 but the issue is every cable with that PSU is marked “TXM/HX/AXi only”on the PSU end connector however these are blank. The only modular PSUs I’ve owned are: * Tagan BZ(does not match its connector style) * Corsair * EVGA (does not match their cable style) I have worked on and built PCs for folks who’s modular PSU wasn’t a Corsair, though I can’t imagine not leaving unused cables in their box. Also though the cables I’m questioning have similar cable training as the Molex and PCI-E cables that are marked HX. My luck would be if I just assumed, these would bite me if I ever need to use that PSU though these cables I’m questioning have very similar cable training bends to the rest of the HX ‘s.
  2. I'd really like confirmation on this as I've been trying to find one of these since early June. I was told by a long time gaming buddy who lives in NYC that B&H said it's been discontinued. I usually don't go by 2nd hand info but the person wouldn't have just made this up and his evidence was it's not listed on their site anymore(though I can't confirm it ever was).
  3. That was step number 1. I'm actually running 3 different bios versions on the Z97 classified and the picture I posted shows up no matter which is selected.
  4. I completely forgot about making this post. Here's a pic of the bios for this kit showing the XMP being incorrect. Bios says 11-11-11-31@1.5v for the XMP but the kit is 11-13-13-31@1.65. It worked great for me on a 4770k system but is whack in this Z97 on both an Asus Maximus VII and EVGA Z97 Classified.
  5. I have 2 that I plan on choosing from once mine arrives. One is a square case that was designed for a Microsoft mouse and has a separate compartment to the side to hold cable, receiver, etc. The other is one designed for an older Logitech that I've found works fine with just about any mouse I've put in. Even a corded Naga or Scimitar fit just fine with no movement since it has a mesh divider for cable/receiver storage. I happened to have both cases with me one afternoon and tested Dark Core fitment at Best Buy with it being a nice snug fit in both cases. I can tell you the latter has a Vectron tab on the zipper but I'm not sure who manufactured the larger square one. Both were purchased a few years ago off Amazon. Edit: This is the one for the Microsoft Mouse and I just confirmed the Vectron case is easily found there as well.
  6. So I think I finally have my RMA resolved on my K95 with the arrival if it's replacement today. I specifically asked for a re-manufactured OG K95 over the newer Platinum to retain the 18 programmable key function. However the one which arrived today doesn't have a rear USB. I didn't know this existed and I've gone back to where the first reviews show up in '13 and all have the USB port. I even have 2 USB cables, one with the pass-through symbol. Anyone have an Idea? I don't really think it's that huge of a deal at this point since I rarely ever used it and am very happy to be clackity clackin again after being down since November but I am curious what the deal is.
  7. Used probably isn't the correct term. It was definitely second hand. A few years ago I was helping a friend pick out some PC parts and didn't realize I had needed to be more detailed with my instructions. I had told recommended size, speed, and what brands I like but I didn't think to tell him "Check QVL". So he couldn't make it work with his board at the time. I felt a bit responsible so I swapped him my kit which was on the QVL for his. I then went on to use the kit in question on a z87 stinger without problem. I meant to make this post last week which is why I said I should have written it down. Asus is in possession of the Maximus board for random Q-Code hanging so I can't give you that info. However when I get home tonight I could pop it in an older X58 or a Rampage IV and see what it reads.
  8. I'm trying to put together a CHEAP build for a friend having a rough patch and with me having a spare 4790k as well as a 970 I thought I could get away with only purchasing a motherboard to get him gaming. Unfortunately that kit is the only DDR3 I have and when I tested it in my Maximus VII Formula there's not much I can do other than get into the bios. I should have written it down but the XMP is recognizing it as a completely different kit, setting voltage to only 1.5 and timings way off. I've tried to drop speed as well as opening up the timings but it will just crash trying to load into Windows. I've heard of finicky kits before but wow. Admittedly z87 is the only chipset listed on it's compatibility but this is the first time I've never at least been able to run DDR3 well under spec to work. Am I missing something VERY obvious?
  9. I'm with you on the overload but my plan is to have the LED strips and the Fans slow pulse out of sync with each other. It takes time to get them to properly un sync but it goes a long way to keeping the brightness down. That tubing idea might be worth trying. I have some leftover from redoing my kegerator so I might be able to scuff it up and attach it somehow.
  10. Originally I had planned on using the EVGA 280 for my upcoming build. However the more I look at other builds using the EVGA DG-87 case I'm now wondering if using the CLC280 is EVGA logo overkill. Performance between the two is close enough to call it equal(though the Pro might edge it out now) so the choice is purely from an aesthetic perspective. Before adding a cooler I'm going to have EVGA in quite large illuminated looking like this: ..................................................... ..................................................... ..........<cooler>............................... ..................................................... ...................................EVGA.... .........EVGA................................... ...EVGA........................................... .........EVGA................................... ..................................................... ..................................................... With my memory being Corsair Vengeance RGB I'm thinking it might be better to go with the H115 so I don't have a 5th EVGA logo. Thoughts?
  11. How do you know what anyone has every been exposed to? As I sit here right now typing from my LAPTOP, I'm staring at my dead Devil's Canyon build. I'm also staring at a stock pile of parts unable to assemble due to the 1000w PSU shortage delaying my new build. My old desktop has a dead motherboard which was still under warranty when I first contacted Asus support and created my RMA but fell out of warranty after it was returned unrepaired. Now Asus is refusing to continue the RMA. Am I disappointed? Sure! The last thing you'll hear me say though is "No One knows what it's like to only be able to use my laptop". I'm thankful I'm in a position to have this back up and plenty of people out there aren't fortunate enough to be in my position. Get over yourself. Anyway...../rant off.....sort of. I do have some concerns about using Corsair's coolers moving forward based on my experience with their customer service numerous times in '17. I had 2 AIOs go bad, one due to leakage(ok evaporation) and the other was a pump failure. I also had the A key on my OG K95 lose a channel so it would only do a certain number of colors. All 3 of those RMA situations were horrendous. For my H100i my CPU temps slowly were increasing over several weeks until it came to a tipping point where I was now getting close to TjMax after an hour. I suspected a thermal paste or seating issue but upon inspection the radiator was almost empty. There were signs of dry rotting on the rubber fittings at the radiator and I noticed a thin, slick, invisible film coating the entire inside of my PC. My only conclusion that somehow coolant was evaporating out of those fittings and some how misting all over my components. It took quite a while from RMA request to approval and when I called to inquire about coverage if there was any component damage it was met with deaf ears. I was told I'd need to speak to a supervisor who wasn't available but they'd give me a call when they could. That never happened but I never pressed it since my PC was in 100% working order. No I don't think that is the reason my Mobo above died. The 2nd RMA was on a H105 on my grandmother's PC. That RMA went fine except it took so long I ended up going to Best Buy and purchasing a replacement to get her up and running. If it was me I would have just waited but she's my priority and she lives for checking Facebook every morning. The K95 RMA was a nightmare. Before generating the RMA request back in October, I called to speak with a rep because I was apprehensive about doing the RMA. I knew it was likely I'd receive a NiB K95 Platinum rather than the OG which I had. I had purchased the K95 for one reason and I either wanted 18 programmable keys or none. He told me he'd do his best to get me the original but just in case, he offered alternative options to the K95. At first I chose this K70 but he pointed out that wasn't the RGB version. I told him that was ok because I really liked the red key caps. He came back and said since there was such a price difference between what I was rejecting and the RGB K70 that he could toss in the Red Key cap set which was the same thing included with the other. I agreed and generated the RMA request. Between then and just before New Years I received and shipped back 3 K95 Platinums. I finally spoke with a manager just before Christmas who remedied the situation by offering 2-way RMA meaning he was going to ship out the K70 before receiving the 3rd K95. Unfortunately during the time of all this mixing up the red keycap stock depleted but he assured me they were scheduled to be restocked on Dec 27 and I'd be getting them a few days later. While I'm happily using the K70 I've yet to receive the key caps and had it not been for the original agreement I likely wouldn't have RMA'd the K95. Now many years ago I did have a damaging leak from an AIO. I had pre-ordered the Coolermaster Eisberg back when they announced they were teaming up with AlphaCool. Within a year or so it sprouted a nice leak around the copper plate and shut my PC down. I was dreading trying to fight with Cooler Master over this issue because at the time they didn't have the greatest reputation for customer service. However that situation could not have gone more smoothly. The immediately agreed to replace the cooler and actually told me they were sending a different model as the Eisberg was discontinued. They also sent me a prepaid label for a UPS store that covered shipping as well as the store securely packing my entire PC. They went through it, cleaned it up and returned it in perfect working condition. Now I don't really have a concern with their quality. I'm confident enough that I put Corsair back into my system and am debating between Corsair and EVGA CLCs for my new system, but the only reason for the debate is aesthetics. However due to how terrible my interaction with Corsair's customer service has been this year I do have concerns if I was ever in another "Cooler Master" situation that Corsair wouldn't make it right so I do sympathize a bit with the OP's interaction with them. However he screwed himself by taking it apart.
  12. If I was still using HD Fans, I'd be fine with being able to see the individual LEDs like the fans. However with the LLs hiding the LEDs behind an opaque cover, I'd like the strips to match. I tried scotch tape but it wouldn't adhere well and coverage was inconsistent. Maybe if I pulled it from the spool slower I wouldn't get lines in the adhesive but that only solves one issue. Also hiding the strips isn't 100% possible. The only other idea I had was lightly sanding the clear cover until the desired opaqueness is achieved but I'd like permanently altering the strips to be the last resort.
  13. Thanks for the effort you put together in that post. It's quite helpful. It seems my original plan was accurate and the lack of the Mini-Usb - Female USB Header cable was what caused me to be unable to connect everything on my previous HD Fan setup. Judging by other's posts I'm not alone in the missing cable club
  14. On my last build I tried using the 6 HD Fans and the LED Kit but I was unaware they could not be synced together. There's a port on the Lighting node but no cable to attach it to the Commander. I gave up and traded the fans off to a friend in exchange for a TT setup which worked great when the software was in the mood to recognize the fan controller. So I've decided to give Corsair another shot. Will I be able to sync up all 9 fans with the LED strips using the Commander Pro and Lighting Node or will I need a 2nd Node?
  15. You aren't missing something. When I contacted Corsair support I was told I could try purchasing the Corsair Link Accessory Cable Kit but they couldn't guarantee it came with the cable I needed. It doesn't as it looks like that kit comes with the OLD proprietary link cable for the Commander Mini, not the Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro.
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