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  1. With a DT3 Sports Royce; it was the perfect corsair chair thats actually not made by corsair, it's seat is fabric just like the T3 rush, and is just as comfortable. Surplisingly the back pillow looked almost the same with a memory-ish foam, top notch stuff, a bit wider than the T3 and a bit taller too, in this aspect i'd prefer the T3 because it was perfect for my size and height, the T3 felt like hugging me while the Royce is clearly made to fit wider and taller people, as it was made to handle 200kg in contrast to the 120kg of the T3. Sadly this is where it stops though, everything else was way better than the T3. The 4D armrests while looking and behaving the same was way more firm and stable, it also had a steel column on the arm while the T3 seemed to be mostly plastic, maybe that was it that made it more rigid? Moreover the frog mechanism gave me a better stability when reclining the chair completely--i never felt like i was going to fall, while the t3 didnt felt much stable, but of course no one does that, however, the crucical aspect is the fact that it could lock the chair's seat in any desired angle/inclination, that was a must for me, with the T3 'loose' mechanism I had to keep applying force with my legs to keep the seat inclined backwards, very tiresome. In what regards the construction, the wheels base was made of metal, it felt and looked better than the T3 plastic hub, the wheels were 75MM, it felt better to slide around in comparison to the T3 65mm, specially on carpet. In the end I think the T3 is a top notch seat paired with budget construction and mechanisms, honestly saying my dream chair would have been the T3 seat with the Royce's piston, wheels, hub, frog mechanism and more stable 4D arms, hopefully I''ll see that on a T4, I like to stick with a single brand, and a proper corsair chair would complete my corsair-ish setup.
  2. ah, well, i actually set it to 1.36v, so far no crashes but even before they were rare, ill keep testing. I could swear i saw somewhere that these modules can go up to 1.4?
  3. long story short I'm trying to run said kit with CL 16-18-18-38 timings, runs sort of stable for the most of it but sometimes i get some MEMORY MANAGEMENT Bsods. I was considering bumping it from 1.35 to 1.37v if thats a safe 24/7. Is it, or could it reduce its lifespan? or even damage it?
  4. With great sorrow I had to return my T3 because it's simply not up to the quality one would expect from Corsair. Halfway its Corsair fault for presenting a picture in wich the seat is tilted backwards and locked in place with no one seated on it. Such picture was used by the retailer with no mention that the seat tilt cannot be locked on a desired angle. I should have checked corsair's product page that states it cannot be locked, a truth. Sadly the retailer decided to say nothing about it. being my first gaming chair, i'm also disappointed the arms are so wobbly and that the wheels base is all plastic, this however i was ready to accept, but the arms are so loose feeling i thought it was faulty... here hoping that corsair up their game on a possible T4 with a proper top tier gaming chair, the T3 was very comfortable, very, but all the rest of it couldnt compete with other products i came to discover after... sadly, had to settle with another brand.
  5. understandable, i guess in my case i'll just use without it, i need every bit of -C possible, ty for the reply
  6. out of sheer curiosity, and maybe i'm not looking at the big picture here... but whats the top filter for? to my understanding you can only mount the the AIO, in my case a H110i GT, with the fans pushing air thru the radiator upwards, wich makes the top of the case act as an exhaust, blowing dust out of the case, it would seem as though the filter in this case is meaningless and only hinders the performance ever so slightly if any at all, but anyways, what am I missing? it doesnt seem feasible at all to mount the fans pulling air from outsite thru the radiator, not this case fits some sort of push pull...
  7. So all my peripherals are corsair, and everything is using a linked color profile for red, I have noticed that here and there every light turns off for a second, and then everything lights up back normally, even inside the case, my waterblock, my vengeance ram, all of their lights turn off and then back on... it doesnt crash anything. PLUS icue is also eventually causing my scimitar rgb to double click and random, its a bit rare but when it happens its annoying. How did i tested? first right after a double click happened, i went to a double click test website and clicked 100 times, no problems, so im guessing its not hardware issue, second, i tried with icue disabled 500 clicks and no doubles appeared... any help solving this? latest iCue installed FRESH, just imported my color profiles, no avail...
  8. Simply put, I've this 500D SE RGB case and the commander pro is ramping my LL120 units to about 1800 RPM when their specs says a max of 1500. I'm using the settings on custom profile > fixed % = 100. will they explode or something? why ICue is just so mean.....
  9. My commander pro on my 500D SE is not controlling the case fans at all, I have 4 LL 120 in my case, 3 of them were pre-installed on it, and 1 on the rear i installed myself. The issue is, I simply cannot control their speed through the comannder pro on iCue, quiet/balanced/extreme does nothing to change, however I noticed that if I set the fan pins on the confugurations tab to 4-pin, my LL120 goes full blast to 1600-1800 RPM and i know this is above their rated max rpm and I don't want to damage them! however, if i set the fan ports to 3-pin or auto they simple go down to 650 RPM, and yet again changing the profile to quiet/balanced/extreme does nothing, I really need to work at max or close-to speed, since i live in a hot place, but i dont want also to destroy them within 6 months for obvious reasons.... reinstalling the entire icue did nothing, force installing the firmware also did nothing. my h115i is connected to commander's USB passthrough, and these i can control perfectly fine.... please a helping hand here.
  10. So i've this case, I noticed my LL120 fans, 3 that comes with the case plus 1 i bought extra are not going past 750 rpm, i tried to set the profiles to extreme on icue commander pro but they simply wont change, they stick to 750rpm I've plugged the commander pro to my motherboard usb header and my h115i rgb platinum to commander pro usb passthrough, since i can control my h115i, i can rule out issues with the usb connection from commander pro to my mobo. any help? EDIT: I reinstalled the entire icue software, and now my fans are going full speed, about 1600-1700, yet i cannot reduce that, selecting quiet/balance or setting a fixed speed on a custom profile does nothing! while i want to run at full speed for i live in a hot place, i'd like some control over it...
  11. Oh, so the default fans are the best performance-wise... I can't afford to lose any performance whatsoever. I find it a bit of a flaw that the fans RGB are no match for LL fans or when comparing to the block coloring itself--but i can't afford to lose 1-2C at all, considering my 10700k reaches 180W due to overclock, and peaks 77C, i actually need more performance... with that said, ill have to settle for the default fans
  12. So, I've read this AIO comes with ML140 RGB, my case beinda 500D SE uses LL120, needless to say LL120 looks much much better than ML RGB ones, but do they perform better? does the LL or QL 140 would perform better than the default ML140 that comes with the h115i? I don't wanna swap just for the RGB, or worse, actually swap them for worse fans. inputs?
  13. Somehow when i press the side button on my Void RGB elite, all it does is disable or enable the mic feedback, its not a long press its a single press. It does not work to mute/unmute the mic, and even doing it through iCue, it doesnt work, to fix i have to repair the whole icue so it gets back to normal, I never had this issue before a last or before that icue update...
  14. planning to buy this card, but it needs 3x 8 pin from psu, does this HX750i has what it takes? https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-RTX-3080-GAMING-X-TRIO-10G/Overview
  15. Feared that I'm assuming i'd need to replace all LL120's to QL's.... question, were LL discontinued for the QL or something? they don't seem available anywhere, least not in my country
  16. Recently got an obsidian 500D SE RGB, i need a fan for the rear, but apparently they aren't available anywhere in the market, but QL ones are, can i mix them on commander pro and not get weird RGB matching? on Icue i've set my commander channel 1 to LL fans hub, if I add a QL to the rear, how would this work ?
  17. well I hit the jackpot i guess, 2 of them are quite off, but just alright, but the top one on the 500D is offendingly off, its giving me OCD, regardless, if it wont void any warranties on the fans in case they fail, i guess i'll just get rid of the logo.. I mean its a 500D SE RGB case... its pure eyecandy, if were not for the weird fans
  18. I doubt that color wise the QL's are going to be much different, from what ive heard they only have more leds, so im guessing they'll still look faintly blue when on full white... I'd buy them to fix the stickers problem though... its upsetting as heck...
  19. Wondering if i can RMA just the fans of a case, the stickers are horribly off center, when spinning the fans looks wobbly as hell, breaks the whole harmony of my 500D case... is this a common thing with corsair fans?
  20. my fans look the same when white, sadly corsair stuff doesnt properly match, the ST100 stand has a terrible logo coloring, its a bit yellowish when white, its too green when blue... sucks, same with the Void pro headset, orange is almost red... it kinda pisses me off... also, the stickers in front of the fans are off center, when spinning stuff looks wobbly as hell, im starting to get pissed off at corsair..
  21. top has a h115i, tragic indeed, i wanted a rear exhaust....
  22. The thing is, i cannot find LL120 anywhere, and when i find, its used ones, were they discontinued or something? I 500D SE has 3 on front and i want to add at least one more on the rear, but I just cant find it. Are there compatibles ones?
  23. ok! ty vm! so ML RGB fans are the case default, I guess i could buy an extra LL 120 RGB or LL 140 for the rear since it doesn't have per default, a shame tbh
  24. got, it, so i connected the USB of my h115i on the commander USB and the commander USB cable on mobo reader, im still waiting for the ram to arrive so its not ready yet, though i'll admit i went ahead and plugged the h115i fan power cables on the commander, and the rgb cables on the rgb hub, because they already looked like the pre-existing fans on the case so i did that, cant i use this way? oh and thanks with tach cable, indeed i managed to neatrly plug it on the cpu_fan header neatly.
  25. So, Ive just bought this case and it comes with a commander module on the back? is that how its called? with an RGB controller as well. I figured i could just plug the h115i RGB cables to the RGB controller and the power cables to the commander module my doubt is, theres the USB cable that goes on the side, im just guessing but i wanna be sure if I'm supposed to connect that to the USBs on the commander module, also, theres a small header with a single wire that the manual says its the pump_tach, im guessing... tachometer? as in RPM meter? but im guessing that icue already can read that right? so i can leave that unplugged? I'm a bit unsure here how should i do it... lastly, because this case has a removable top plate for the AIO, well i found a video somewhere that that fans are supposed to match the format of that plate, indeed it looks like so, but im using the fans bellow the radiator , and the radiator screwed to that plate, it concerns me a bit because the shape of that plate covers the radiator a little on the sides, is that correct after all? thanks
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