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  1. c-attack, I figure it out. After reading your post I realized you are right, we all have different set-ups. So, download the profile and save what is working to your lighting library. Then just click on your other pieces and move that file from the lighting library to that fan, strip or motherboard and it works! I knew there was some type of trick. Very easy.
  2. Thanks! I understand all you said and I was hoping that was not the case. So the scenes that are provided are written in a way that is does not seem to matter your configuration. Thanks again.
  3. Let me list what I have. h150i Asus Maximus XIII Hero 10 QL120s 2 Corsair RAM Sticks 5 led lighting strips Commander Pro RGB Lighting Node The lightning node that comes with the h150i Scenes work fine and lights everything up in rotation. What is the trick in downloading Profiles and getting any profile to light everything up? Sometimes a profile will light up some of the lights but not all. The strange thing being, the ASUS Motherboard never has a problem with downloaded profiles. I know there has to be some simple something I am missing. I say this because scenes work just fine which means there is something I am missing with profiles. Thanks in advance
  4. Sorry to bother you all on this, I am simply stuck. I can download profiles fine and add them. Nothing I can figure out can make those lighting sequences to work. I do not have commander pro, but it is on the way. I can run the standard lighting patterns just fine. The ones Corsair provides. It seems like the downloaded scenes would be added to the scenes list, but that is not the case. Paid all this money and cannot get downloaded scenes to work other than the default ones provided.
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