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  1. A dozen or more years ago, a device in my bedroom connected to my home network, the lights on the Ethernet port would be visible. Not really disturbing but the sort of thing that would catch your eye during sleepless night. I was all set to take it apart and unsolder the lights. Then it hit me. Tape. Now I look at the moon and the shadows from tree branches....::pirate::
  2. Tape. A little strip of black electrical tape and the light is no longer visible.
  3. I'd connect it to a UPS. In my home, my desktop runs through one, all TV's, the satellite box and a few other devices that are power sensitive. That makes for seven UPS in my home.
  4. Yup, that is a cap and it is extremely doubtful it was caused by the PSU. Most of the time when they fail, it is because of poor assembly of the board or being undersized/cheap part.
  5. Your 5V is rock steady, your 12V drops by barely .2V, about 2.5%. Reasonable for maximum loading.
  6. Weak battery in the UPS? I have a 1500W UPS in my electronics closet. The laser printer is in there and it draws close to 2000W peak when printing. The UPS supplies it (though it beeps). Typically, when a UPS fails to supply a load, it is because the batteries are failing. Have you load tested the UPS for output and project 'on battery' runtime?
  7. A common cause for AFCI breakers to trip is RFI, solved by running the power cable through a a ferrite (a couple of loops is best.) All electronic circuits create/emit a level of RFI that is being back fed to the panel and your breaker reading it as an arc. Once your PSU is fully 'charged' the emitted RFI diminishes and you are OK. I doubt this a Corsair only issue as many in the radio biz report the same problem.
  8. Is your cooler showing in device manager? Plugged in to the USB 2 header on your MoBo?
  9. If both machines are identical, you should be able to swap hard drives. See if the problem follows the hard drives or is hardware specific. I bet it is a hard drive/software issue.
  10. Thanks. I did not see the 'load more' You'd think the most recent would be the top of the list, right? I appreciate dc8flyer providing another source but I am more comfortable getting it from the source rather a third party.
  11. When will this be on the site for D/L? Can you provide a link to it? I prefer to retain a copy of all installed SW in case I want to reinstall.
  12. I too, have sucked up my USB 2.0 internals with Corsair stuff.::pirate:: I find it hard to believe no company makes a USB 2.0 internal port PCIe card. What if someone damages the port on the MB?:eek: You can still buy PCIe cards that support floppies!:bigeyes:
  13. Here is another starcom, with a dual 2.0 https://www.startech.com/Cards-Adapters/USB-2/Card/7-Port-PCI-USB-Card-Adapter~PCIUSB7 Opps, just noticed it is PCI, not PCIe
  14. LOL, I know you are sincere Like these??? https://www.amazon.com/Port-Express-Profile-High-Speed/dp/B002RL8V7E https://www.startech.com/support/PEX400USB2 I'll never understand why CL will only connect over true 2.0 even though 3.0, 3.1 ports are 'backward compatible'. I also have found my Logitech keyboard and mouse setpoint are particular about what rear USB port I use. You'd think with the demand withg so much hardware that still has to use 2.0, that a card would be easy enough to find. I have to have a modem in my macine, it was hard and stupid expensive to get one. Dinosaurs.
  15. Did you consider adding a PCI card with internal 2.0 ports?
  16. Any electric motor has a much higher starting draw than at constant speed. A single .3 amp fan might draw .5 amp for a half a second on start. A .9 amp fan might draw 1.2 amps on start. Three .3 amp fans together might draw 1.5 amps and that may be past the tipping point. Also, amperage is dependent on wire size. If the wire is small and the draw high, it can cause voltage drop, also a potential problem. Lower RPM is also a high draw situation. Avoid splitters unless the splitter has its' own connection to the PSU and you are using the header to simply monitor speed. If you must connect a lot of fans, use a single port for each fan and daisy chain Commander pros (assuming you want individual control of each fan).
  17. Corsair link still works for me. I had a issue of the fans showing/not showing rapidly for a while but, the control, actual fan speeds was managed, both in Corsair Link and SIV. I've found my AXi to be very stable though I rarely use more than 15% of total capacity (my machine is a bit over built). I assume you also run a good UPS with batteries in good condition as well? Most of my PC problems have been Win 10 related (I am in the Win 10 Insider) and occasionally, I have had build issues). Twice in (four years) I've had to wipe and rebuild my PC. With good notes, that is only a two hour ordeal. Red Ray and Corsair were not able to see eye to eye. Corsair was locked into a method of managing Corsair Link. I think that is part of the reason for moving to iCue. Sometimes, a contract states the coding is proprietary and no one outside of the 3rd party developer may get into the kernel. This annoyed Red and many other developers that were positive they could resolve Link's issues. I suggest removing CL. After you have removed it, confirm no hidden related files exist. Check the registry. Confirm you have all the current Win 120 Updates or better, re-image you PC. Then reinstall CL.
  18. The solution I came up with was to use the dongle. I subsequently have added a Commander Pro and had to use the dongle with that as well. I have not yet experimented with iCue but at some point, will have to as CorsairLink seems to be at the end of its' life cycle. Yeah... SIV works well. The organization of functions leaves a lot to be desired though. It does not follow industry standard and accepted functional organization. But it is free, works well, so it is hard to complain. Ray is a good guy as well and when you have one person doing something like this, you cannot expect perfection. SIV is a good product.
  19. I just ran the auto update (win 10, Build 17120, release 180309-1616). No additional Corsair Link in Add/Remove programs in the control panel or apps in the Settings. The only time I've seen orphaned programs and registry entries is when a user has deleted directories or made other modifications that prevent the uninstaller from properly working. The default is for them to stop the process if there are significant errors. Better safe than sorry.
  20. To add to DeBikers excellent comment. In forty years of software development, I have never seen software damage any hardware. The worst thing I have seen is software that causes the HDD to wake and spin needlessly. To damage RAM (or any hardware for that matter), you have to short it. Over Voltage it. Pour acid on it. Hit it with a hammer. Pry on it with a screwdriver.
  21. Yup, I'll 'third' with saying PSU cables are not standardized. If you get a cable not from the PSU company, you should use a multi meter to confirm pinouts. If they do not match OEM PSU, you can move the pins to match. It is a fire hazard not to check. There is a lot of amperage and no fusing. It is capable of frying parts, overheating and causing a fire. Wire colors mean nothing when the cables come from different vendors. Never assume.
  22. USB cable in the H1001? Plugged into a USB 2.0 port on the MOBO? Light comes on in the pump? SATA connection established? Tried a different USB 2.0 port? Rebooted?
  23. I had to revert to use the dongle and a spare USB 2.0 port (on my Commander Pro).
  24. Yes, that small cable from the PSU is supposed to plug into the cooler pump right next to the USB cable.
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