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  1. at this point it's not speculation. seasonic has their ****** together. i would like a 12 pin cable for my AX1600i since i will be buying a founder's card. founder's card will have water blocks available on day 1 from alphacool omg, another one.... it's a 12V cable just like every other PCI/EPS/Molex/SATA cable in your computer. all you have to do is make a cable that was 2x 8 pins on one end and 12 pins on the other. nothing on the PSU side has to change.
  2. like the subject says, does such a thing exist? i got a bulldog 2.0 case but don't want to use the bundled board. can the bundled cooler be used on AMD? thanks
  3. if you would have took a second to use the search function, you would have found your answer. that person is using 3000MHz RAM, if you are using module which are faster, it may still not work for you
  4. add me to the list of people with Asus boards and corsair vengeance memory that won't boot when at XMP. the fastest i can go is 3333MHz with an FSB:DRAM ratio of 100:133 asus x99 deluxe corsair 4x4 GB DDR4 4000MHz (2 kits of CMK8GX4M2B4000C19) -tried every BIOS -tried putting in frequency manually -tried 1 stick at a time with all 4 sticks -tried different combinations of 2 sticks -tried every possible voltage setting between 1.3V and 1.43V -tried BLCK of 125 (to reduce multiplier) -tried running CPU at stock speed and voltage as well as various overclock states -probed memory for heat, only getting about 50*C thanks to the bundled vengeance memory coolers i got with the RAM -tried different PSUs, Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W and Super Flower Leadex Titanium 1600W -tried praying to every god i learned about in those stupid college courses they make you take for general education requirements. and there are a lot of them... just placed an order on newegg for 4x4 G Skill 4000MHz memory. let's see how that goes.
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