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  1. I'll consider doing that, but it literally took me years and many (as in dozens and dozens of) hours of troubleshooting to get iCue3 to the point where it's [mostly] stable, in part probably because I have nine Corsair devices controlled through iCue. Everything appears to be working [mostly] after reverting to icue 3, and the fact that many on this thread have complained that that the number one concern that your users had with icue 3 and that they hoped would be addressed with 4 - namely the bloat, system resources it takes up, and glitchiness - have not appeared to have been addressed, I'm more inclined to wait things out a bit before updating. I'll also just throw out there (apologies for the redundancy here since I mentioned this in a post above), one of my motivations for updating to 4 also was the ability to control the lighting on my MSI motherboard since I'm unwilling to install dragon center on my pc, but apparently having dragon center installed is a prerequisite of using iCue to control MSI motherboard lighting, which (speaking only for myself) defeats the purpose. This might be something beyond your control (I have no idea whether it's theoretically possible or not for you guys to program icue to do that without having dragon center installed), but regardless the result for me at the moment is that I can't get it to control the lighting on the MB without DC installed, so one of my main motivators is gone.
  2. I'm guessing that there's no way for you guys to enable MSI motherboard RGB control without having dragon center installed? I DEFINITELY appreciate that functionality being added - been hoping for it for awhile. But... the reason I've been hoping for it is that Dragon Center is an utter dumpster fire of a piece of software that I will never put on my pc. Any google search of "dragon center good or bad" or "dragon center worthwhile" or any variation of that will come with with 99 out of a 100 people saying it's awful to the point of being dangerous and can actually screw up people's machines. It has such an awful reputation that I don't understand why MSI is still trying to force its users to install it at this point. On my old MSI z370 gaming pro ac, I could use mystic light separately without needing any of that other mess if I wanted to control RGB. I was in for a shock when I upgraded to the z490 meg ace and found that I could no longer control RGB without dragon center. I even tried it briefly and regretted it to the point of having to rebuild windows. Never again. Anyway, I realize there might be technical limitations that restrict the possibility of iCue controlling RGB on MSI motherboards without dragon center being installed, in which case it's obviously out of your hands, but if it is at all possible, please please please make that an option.
  3. Yeah that didn't work. I just uninstalled 4 and reverted to 3 which works perfectly. I'll wait for the many, many kinks to be worked out before updating to 4.
  4. Uh... it all worked perfectly with iCue 3. I could program the lights however I wanted and have been able to for years. Literally the moment I updated to icue4 is when the issue began, so I'm pretty certain it is directly connected to icue4. I'm guessing Corsair Nick is not responding anymore? He was helping me here yesterday, and since others have chimed in in various places on this thread with similar problems, I'm guessing it would be helpful for others to see potential troubleshooting steps here. But I'll try opening a ticket and see what they say, although I'll probably just end up reverting back to 3 since everything worked fine there.
  5. I posted that several posts ago: Here is a copy/paste of the fans I have connected: Originally Posted by Parmenedes All of the fans except one (the last one in the list) are the 8-LED ML fans that come with elite capellix coolers (not the ML fans with 4 LED’s that you can purchase separately). Each fan has the same number associated with the fan itself and the LED connector (e.g. fan 4 is connected to LED connector 4 in the CoCo). In the Elite Capellix CoCo 1-6 are: 1: 140mm ML 8-LED 2: 120mm ML 8-LED 3: 140mm ML 8-LED 4: 120mm ML 8-LED 5: 120mm ML 8-LED 6: 120mm ML 8-LED The second commander core: 1: 140mm ML 8-LED 2: 140mm ML 8-LED 3: 120mm dual light-loop LL RGB The only fans that show up properly in lighting control are fan 1 in each CoCo. They all show up fine in the fan control itself - just not in the lighting section. There is no option to add channels, fans, or anything else, as indicated by the images I posted several posts ago as well, which I will attach again here, and it doesn't matter what I select in the drop-down menu under which type of fan you have. In other words, the only fan in each CoCo that shows up is "LED Port #1", and there does not appear to be a way to get the other LED Ports to show up despite them having worked fine in version 3. Edit: The forums apparently won't let me post the pics again since I already posted them once in this thread. You can find them further up, to be specific in POST ID # = 1088197 and 1088198 on page 20 of this thread.
  6. Thank you. As for the fan lighting not showing up in iCue 4, is there a fix for this, or should I just roll back to version 3 where it all worked ok. One of the reasons I upgraded to 4 was that I was told in a different thread that one of the features of 4 is that we are supposed to be able to control LED lighting on MSI motherboards, which I was hoping to do since I have an MSI z490 meg ace and avoid using dragon center (MSI's software) due to the problems with that software. I don't see an option to do that anywhere though. Was I misinformed, or is there a way to do this?
  7. I am 100% positive that they are the ones that come with the cooler and am aware that they are not for sale individually. I even made a couple of forum posts and wrote an email a while back requesting that Corsair make them available for sale separately. Also, I know you can rotate the fans in icue - that's why I clarified my post. You can only rotate them in 90 degree increments. The problem is that the lights are in a position in the software that they will NEVER be in in real life no matter how you rotate them. Why would you guys design the UI to look different than the actual situation we're all using? It seems like a no-brainer to make the diagrams in the software align properly with the actual fans instead of having them all be slightly off kilter. It also makes it more difficult when designing custom lighting designs to have to adjust everything in your head because the software has the LED's in the wrong places. I could understand this being a mistake, but I find it extremely surprising that you say it was a conscious choice made by the UI designers.
  8. All of the fans except one (the last one in the list) are the 8-LED ML fans that come with elite capellix coolers (not the ML fans with 4 LED’s that you can purchase separately). Each fan has the same number associated with the fan itself and the LED connector (e.g. fan 4 is connected to LED connector 4 in the CoCo). In the Elite Capellix CoCo 1-6 are: 1: 140mm ML 8-LED 2: 120mm ML 8-LED 3: 140mm ML 8-LED 4: 120mm ML 8-LED 5: 120mm ML 8-LED 6: 120mm ML 8-LED The second commander core: 1: 140mm ML 8-LED 2: 140mm ML 8-LED 3: 120mm dual light-loop LL RGB I’m also realizing that I might not have clearly described the problem with the disconnect between the way the 8 LED fans are represented in iCue and the way they are set up in actual reality. If you look at the diagram of the fans in icue, there are no LED’s at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Instead there are two on the top, two on each side, and two on the bottom. This results in the LED”s being placed in the wrong places in the diagrams in iCue. If you look at an 8-LED fan in real life, regardless of the orientation, there will be ONE LED at 12 o’clock, one at 3, one at 6, and one at 9 (along with the LED’s between each of those of course). I hope this makes that situation clearer. Edited for clarity. I am realizing that in the previous post I said I had a commander pro. That was a mistake. I have two commander cores, not any commander pros in this machine. I’ll edit the above comment to reflect that for clarity as well. Apologies if this caused any confusion.
  9. Is there really no way to to do a color/rainbow wave from left to right with this mat? We could do that with the mm800, which was nice because it could follow the colors of my keyboard, whether with type lighting or just general waves and whatnot, but the way the zones are configured for this mat, it seems like that's a no-go. Very limited options as far as lighting goes with this thing.
  10. Thanks for reaching out to the team. I have an H115i Elite Capellix with six fans attached to its CoCo. I also have that extra Commander Pro - Commander core, not commander pro. I made a mistake when typing this comment originally -that's running three other fans as well, in case that's relevant.
  11. FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH A SCIMITAR MOUSE: POSSIBLE SOLUTION Depending on what issue(s) you're experiencing, I noticed right off the bat that most of my keybinds from icue3 carried over, but I had the "m" key bound to my middle mouse button, and for some reason that wasn't working. Changing the "assignment type" from "keyboard" to "keystroke" appeared to fix it, although funnily enough, when I went back into the software just now to make sure I had the wording right, the whole interface suddenly started working differently. Also, my dpi keeps resetting itself whenever I go into the icue software.
  12. And here is the exact same situation with the commander core. I'll clarify that I have a 5000d case with 9 fans in it so require two CoCo's to connect all the fans. I've read some posts in this thread about others having various issues when they're running more than one coco as well, so maybe that's a coding problem that needs to be addressed. Edit for clarification: I have six fans attached to the elite capellix coco and three attached to the other coco. All of this worked perfectly fine with icue 3. I've hit some other snags with icue4 so far such as one involving my keyboard not working properly, but for now at least it seems ok. I'd really like to get the fan LED situation sorted out.
  13. Here is what I see instead of having options for multiple lighting channels: Edit: And to reiterate, it makes no difference what I select in the drop-down menu under "setup lighting channel 1".
  14. First off, thanks for the response. I noticed that you posted a pic of the lighting node pro instead of a commander core or elite capellix. My lighting node pro works fine and sends the proper signals to some strips I have connected. It also alllows me to manually select how many channels I have and whatnot. This is not the issue, as it's not the same device I'm having trouble with. The CoCo and Elite Capellix have no such options even listed. There is no control over how many channels you have or anything like that. The only options I get under lighting setup is "setup Lighting Channel 1" with a drop-down menu to select what kind of fans you have. None of the options in the drop down menu change, and there is no place to add lighting channels. Regarding the LED's being off kilter in the image, yes I am aware that I can just try to alter my frame or reference by 12.5 degrees, but it still makes no sense that the LED's are set up in the pic that way in the first place. They are in the wrong positions and have been ever since the 8-led fans came out, a point I've brought up at least a couple of times in the icue suggestion forums. That is far less of an issue than all but two of my fans having lights function though.
  15. Oh, one more thing: I had pointed out a couple of times in the icue 3 forums that the LED's on the 8-LED fans are listed in iCue as being 12.5 degrees off from where they're supposed to. In other words, the LED's on the actual fans are at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, but the LED's in the software are located in the wrong places. I figured this would get fixed in version 4, but it did not.
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