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  1. No problem man. I like sharing what I've learned so far so that hopefully other users can be making cooler profiles that I'm too lazy to make or didn't think of. Also I went ahead and made this for you. Protocol48.prf
  2. Here's some fast versions for people who can't figure out how to change the end times. I think I'm done messing with the rainbow profiles, at least until they release scripts. I can't think of much more to add. The only other option is figuring out the perfect timing for using the wave effect. I have a wave effect that uses the same 103 colors as these profiles if anyone wants to try to mess with that. megarainbowfast.prf megarainbowfast-left.prf megarainbowstraightfast.prf megarainbowstraightfast-left.prf
  3. V.? Incoming. Will have 430 colors and individual group for every key. Lots of work to be done but I know what I have to do http://i.imgur.com/i0jOJyq.gif So I spent the entire day redoing the profile to make it perfect. The profile now has 18 groups that each go through 103 different colors that were chosen specifically to make it even. Then I wrote my own lighting effects manually so that all the gradient effects are perfect for each group. I also calculated the timings so it's pretty much perfect down to the microsecond. It can't really get much smoother than this unless Corsair provides their own profile. If you want to reverse the wave then flip the colors for each group. If you want to speed it up then change the end time to1. But Do not touch the colors! it took me hours to get them right and there's a lot of them. Edit: I fixed some color overlapping, and added a few different versions. I didn't like how the wave started off straight then when diagonally across the keys so I made a straight version. The keys aren't straight to begin with but it's close enough. The "left" versions have the waving going from right to left. Also added a crazy version which actually doesn't look half bad. [ame] [/ame] This shows "megarainbowstraight" which is the one I use. Here is the megarainbowscript I wrote, yes I had to type it all, yes I had to make 18 variations of it, and yes it took hours. http://i60.tinypic.com/v43wah.jpg Here is the result. http://i60.tinypic.com/5lpbvp.jpg Using 2 or more profiles at a time will affect each other as they all use the same groups and lighting effect. megarainbow.prf megarainbowstraight.prf megarainbow-left.prf megarainbowstraight-left.prf megarainbowcarazy.prf megarainbowstraightcrazy.prf
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