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  1. Added two 14 inch RGB strips to the dust filter on the front of my Obsidian 750D airflow edition case, and the RGB strips have an interesting stroboscopic effect on the fans. [ame= ] [/ame] Here are some build images:
  2. My free bracket shipped today, US Order on Feb 28th.
  3. I don't anticipate it will be there long, besides what is the worst thing that could happen? A zip tie breaks off and the CPU throttles and then shuts down? It's almost impossible to damage modern CPUs by removing their cooler... Unless you are cranking voltage and overclocking like a madman, it will be fine. These aren't Athlon XPs :D
  4. No shipment yet, I ordered minutes after the website went live... Looks like someone was BSing rcdsouza. I am using two 8.4 Inch Zip Ties through the AM3 bracket and no Backplate, working good so far... Btw the 42 means CPU in C, but it's an 1800X so per AMD subtract 20C and you get 22C which makes sense in my cold livingroom. http://i.imgur.com/RBQssSQh.jpg
  5. You have a few choices, you can rotate the tubing along the joints (they rotate in the radiator and the pump/block) to maneuver them a bit or you can turn the entire radiator around (so the joints are to the far right of the VRM heatsink) but then the Waterblock/Pump Corsair logo will be upside down... I actually have a spacious case a Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow (Full ATX Case) and I had to turn my Radiator around anyway because the hoses would be rubbing against the rear 140mm fan, and the placement of the AM4 socket on my MSI X370 Titanium motherboard would be too far to the right causing the tubing to be too strained for my comfort. I decided to flip the radiator around and have the corsair logo upside down instead of having the tubing rub against the rear case fan whilst being overly strained making me worry about future leaks. On the plus side, if the tubing at the radiator ever leaks it won't drip onto my Graphics Cards.
  6. Question: Do you have the pump power plugged into a Motherboard fan header that is supplying full 12V not PWM? Some motherboards default to AUTO, you should set to DC or FULL Speed instead of PWM or AUTO. If your motherboard has a Pump Header, disable fan speed warnings on CPU header and plug AIO into PUMP header (Which defaults to full 12V).
  7. Doom2pro

    H100i V2

    Try applying inward force first, then turning to the left.
  8. Doom2pro

    H100i V2

    Just verified on mine (installed in case with intel bracket and plastic covering over compound but waiting on Mobo), mine unscrewed to the left, it took a bit of force but it came off.
  9. Doom2pro

    H100i V2

    Have you tried tapping it lightly edge-on with a hammer? I believe it unscrews righty tighty lefty loosey.
  10. I think it's more about validation than demand at this point, regardless I plan on using zipties until I get my bracket. I have no choice at this point, I have build hardware that I ordered on 2/24 from Newegg and it only has a 30 day return policy, so if any of it is DOA and I don't complete my build before March 26th, I'm SOL. I also got a free Doom Game with my RX480 and that expires soon as well, I can only install it on one machine so as soon as my MSI X370 Titanium arrives on the 21st I'm starting my build regardless. I don't care if I have to drill the AM3 bracket or weld the damn thing, I need to get it running ASAP. This Motherboard shortage and AM4 Bracket delay is really hampering my build and RMA options.
  11. It's free if you register a store account and use the "CORSAIRAM4BR" coupon code. For folks down under, you might have to wait longer.
  12. The coupon code wont work unless you are logged into a store account.
  13. http://www.corsair.com/ryzen Check bottom of page for coupon code (CORSAIRAM4BR) regular price $4.99... Limited time only, already ordered mine!
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