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  1. I wonder if they're compatible with other brands, like seasonic?
  2. Um, yeah, I'd like to know for sure before I pulled the trigger on the AX1600i. Any idea where one might find one of these? I can't navigate through the store to a retailer who has one.
  3. Hi, I have an RM850i with custom Corsair white and black cables. I need more power. What is my upgrade path, compatible with my cables while retaining Link? What other series can I run?
  4. It was indeed Hwinfo64. I shut it down and restarted the PC and all was well. One more thing; is there a way to shut off each fan channel completely? I forgot to note which fan is on which channel and I'm finding it hard to assign them properly.
  5. I was able to update by shutting down Afterburner and Riva. All probes are showing now. Fans are also showing now, kinda; two come up, then there's four, sometimes six, but it mostly shows only two fans. All fans seem to be working otherwise.
  6. Firstly, after installing a LNP and CoPro, I was alerted to an update. I tried applying the update and the installer crashes. Next, I don't see any area for the temperature probes. Finally, I don't see all of the fans, nor do I seem to have any control over them, beyond the Quiet, Balanced, or Performance options.
  7. Have you tried the Legacy Bios switch on the back edge, behind the mute button?
  8. Great info. So I should place 1x thermistor on the backplate of each of my GPU 's, one on my NVME, and one on the back of the MoBo near the CPU? Obviously you don't know the layout of my case, but these are the key temperature zones, I would assume.
  9. So does Link monitor MoBo sensors for temp control or is the only monitoring done by the thermistor probes that come with the Commander Pro kit? This will make a difference for me when setting up my fans. If the Commander Pro's only method for checking temps is with temp probes, how well does it perform when compared to the MoBo sensors?
  10. Yeah, I have two RGB hubs... that came with the two kits. Okay, so I can't run the hubs at the back of the chain, that sucks. I'll have to figure something else out.
  11. Hello all. I am hoping to get some advice here. I have a Node Pro and 2x HD120 3 Packs. I'm wondering if I can daisy chain two LED strips off of each terminal on the Node Pro and connect the HD120 kits at the end of each pair of LED strips. I know I can use one module with all six fans but with the separation of the fans in the case necessitates two modules.
  12. Since this update, I have to unplug and plug in my K70 RGB Lux, Katar and Void wireless to get them to function properly . This software is broken. Please fix it. I also feel like it causes my PC to hang at startup. Is there maybe a link for the previous version? I
  13. You really think my RM850i can handle two 1080ti's and my CPU at 5.1? If so, I'll give it a shot. Does the HX series. Have corsair link?
  14. http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/3063501/ Here she is with the two 1080s. It's getting one 1080ti tonight and the other after I select my new PSU. Unless you think the RM850i can handle it. :) lol
  15. Need a 1000w and was exploring my options. Thought maybe a better UL rating might help my electric bill a bit. 7700k @5.1 24-7 and 2x GIGABYTE Waterforce 1080ti.
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