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  1. I have a couple of .BAT configure to change the audio source and works very good (they area assigned to my Scimitar pro gKeys) Here's a screenshot of my configuration: When you press the gKey, is any message that is shown? The issue happen with every gKey?
  2. Latest Armory Crate didn't resolve the issue for me! Still suffer from color freezes from time to time..... But i just find out that the main culprit of this issue are normal CPU spikes! For example... everytime i open Vivaldi Browser, the CPU rise to maybe 55% for about 2 seconds while opening (which is very typical with every browser) and in that moment the freeze happen!
  3. Yeah.... i mean, if you wanna to implement this kind of solutions, implement them right and user friendly, but right now is just more bad than good!.
  4. So... for the sake of maintain this thread documented and to humor my laziness, can you drop here the iCUE version that you are using right now and if not a pain in the a$$, the URL to download that version? I will appreciate it a lot my dude!
  5. That's another weird thing that baffles me... it seems that iCUE+AC has this weird degenerative behavior and with that i mean that over time, more issues arise out of the blue. In my case, a couple weeks ago, the freeze thing with the RGB only happen when changing profiles... but now, happen randomly within the default profile and the PC just doing nothing!.
  6. One thing i been notice with the latests versions of iCUE is the software takes a good 5 seconds to show the ASUS Hardware in the main window, while iCUE3 and earlier versions of iCUE4 this process was almost instantly. Maybe is a weird timeout between iCUE and AC and that cause the color freezing.
  7. It must be something wrong in iCUE because according to DOTTAT, the fix for this hole thing is just roll back to iCUE 4.12.214, Source here As i said before... in the latest versions of iCUE, it seems that the software loses connectivity at some point with a specific portion of Armory Crate or the lighting service.
  8. Hey dloneranger67... I just test the surface calibration with my Scimitar pro and everything seems to be working... Just to understand something.... the process percentage show something or stays in 0%?
  9. That's an interesting theory and for me is much more frequent (maybe 3 or 4 hours in between fails). My Workaround to all of this is a little batch file that just kill the ICUE Process, wait 5 seconds and run the program again. That process takes about 15 seconds to be able to see the correct RGB configuration applied to all devices. All my devices in Armory Crate are up to date!...
  10. My theory is that at some point, iCUE can't communicate with the ASUS plugIn to set the colors of the correspondent profile, either if the profile change to another or simply of been in the default one. Is really confusing and the worst part is there has been no straight answer about this issue from Corsair or ASUS. For the time being we have to wait for an update from Corsair or ASUS.
  11. So.. you want a shortcut icon in the desktop to open the iCUE?... Try this: * Search for iCUE in the Start Menu * Right click on it and select: "Open File Location" * Select the iCUE icon in the window that just open, Right Click and select: "COPY" * Minimize every window, right click in the desktop and select: "Past Shortcut" And thats it!
  12. Hi Epic... Try no uninstall iCUE with one of this tools: https://www.revouninstaller.com/products/revo-uninstaller-free/ https://www.iobit.com/en/advanceduninstaller.php After that, install the latest version and check how it works out!
  13. Do me a favor.... in the scenario where the RGB on MOBO and GPU just freezes, don't close the iCUE and check the log files in this location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Corsair\CUE4\logs Are you seeing something in the lines of this kind of message? cue.plugin: Cannot call: "setLedsColors" "ASUS/asus_plugin.dll"
  14. Yeah... that's the same issue that i'm having trouble with! Did you have installed the latest version of Armory Crate from ASUS or just de Aura Sync?
  15. Little update here (for the worst) In the default profile i just configure a Rainbow effect for everything (including the ASUS components) and now, out of nowhere, the ASUS hardware just lock in one color, no profile change, no crash on iCUE or Armory Crate, NOTHING!.. and the message in the log files is the same! 2021-09-28 16:54:48.430 C cue.plugin: Cannot call: "setLedsColors" "ASUS/asus_plugin.dll" For some reason, iCUE stop communicate randomly with the ASUS Plugin and can't change any color to those components.
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