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  1. 1. Create a new profile 2. Set iCUE to switch to it only as long as LShift is pressed in your normal profile 3. In that new profile, set the actions that you want to LClick and RClick 4. ??? 5. Profit
  2. I also support this. It's not hard to implement a light shutdown timer. Razer has this in Synapse. Right now I assigned a profile with the lights off to my screensaver executable, but I would like a proper way to do this.
  3. I bought mine when it launched, and I've never had this issue. In the software the buttons are indeed called "Profile Switch" and "DPI Switch", but that's just their names; you can bind whatever you want to them.
  4. Unfortunately you cannot do that, but it is not a limitation of the mouse, but of Windows. There is a predefined set of keys that OSes recognize. You can bind the 12 mouse buttons to F13 - F24. Keyboards do not use them, but the keycodes exist. Just keep in mind that plenty of software (including most games) do not support them, from my experience.
  5. From what I understand, you want to not use keyboard keys on your Scimitar buttons. For the most part that is not possible. It's not a limitation of the mouse, but a limitation of the operating systems. There are so many keys that are programmed into the OSes, and you can't add more. Best case scenario: you can bind F13 - F24 on your mouse, which are not present on the keyboard. But keep in mind that many games do not support them. Or you can use key combinations that you won't really use with the keyboard, like Ctrl-Alt-Shift combinations, which would be uncomfortable to type in.
  6. Wild guess (but I am pretty sure): plastic under the 3 lights (Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock).
  7. CUE1 is dead, CUE2 is the only developed branch. Your settings will not carry over. You will need to re-do your profiles, macros and other settings.
  8. Use AutoHotKey to create executables that input your password. Keep the executables on a USB stick. Use CUE to call them. If the USB stick is not present, there will be no executable to call.
  9. What happens if you try to save the profile directly to the mouse's internal storage? Do the bindings work after? I've had my Scimitar Pro for about 4 months and never encountered this issue.
  10. There are no issues I am facing, but I am however curious why they are nested under CUE.
  11. Hello, I have noticed while looking in the startup section of the task manager that there are processes nested under CUE that shouldn't be there. Could anyone explain what is going on? Thank you. Edit: After a restart, Steam and the reporter tool are gone and Foobar appeared.
  12. I have tried that; it works if I double-click the screensaver file. It doesn't if the screensaver starts on its own. It's what I use right now; my numpad is bound to the number keys from above the letters. However, games normally see the number line and the numpad as different keys, so I cannot bind one action to 1 and another to Num1 as Num1 acts as 1.
  13. One thing that was asked by a few people was a lights-out timer or automatic switching to a profile (one with all lights off or a rainbow or whatever the user wishes) after a given amount of time without any user input. I'd like the lights to turn off after 30 mins when I leave my PC for hours and hours. The second thing I feel would improve CUE would be the ability to disable the Num/Caps/Scroll lock lights. My K95 RGB is RGB, and those lights are very much W, without any R, G or B. I just want the Num Lock light off while having the numpad configured to numbers.
  14. Still no profile grouping. I hope the bug that deleted profiles is fixed at least.
  15. Just installed it. The new profile grouping is not here :(. They said it will be implemented in 2.9. I hope it won't be long until we get the fix. Happened 4 times already.
  16. Is the issue causing profiles to delete themselves removed?
  17. No need to worry. CUE2 didn't exit beta that long ago, it still has some issues. Automatic update checking is one of them, it doesn't work right now. Also, about it asking to force update the firmware, it's more of a convenience thing having that button there. You don't have to force update unless you want to. It says you can force update, should you so desire.
  18. A lot of people complain about this. You can get a new set of keycaps, but keep in mind Corsair's bottom row is non-standard.
  19. The LUX has a new lighting controller which doesn't use PWM to achieve 16m colors and has a new font on the keycaps. It also has a USB pass-through. Neither of them can store macros on their internal memory, only the static lighting.
  20. Every new profile you create (unless you dupe an existing one) will have the default settings. I assume you use CUE1 now, if you can switch M1 - M3 by default.
  21. You can save static lighting to the keyboard, but that's it. For everything else you need CUE running.
  22. The keyboard can only save static lighting. For your key binds to work you need CUE running in the background. To save the lighting go to the profile options (the button with 3 bars near the profiles) then to [1], [2] or [3] to save to M1, M2 or M3.
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