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  1. Here's my review if you were interested: http://thermalbench.com/2017/10/12/corsair-ll140-rgb-140mm-fan/ Basically, these are the bling bling of fans today.
  2. Here's a reason: HTPC/gaming on a TV in the living room. Wireless tech is out there with reasonable/minimal lag although it is expensive and in some case proprietary.
  3. The Commander Mini is a controller though. That's what I meant.
  4. Well, you would have to have a controller for integration with Corsair Link to begin with. I would say that is still their plan, but yes it should have happened at launch.
  5. A few washers may help out. The posts on the H5 SF mounting kit have 5-6 threads, and a washer will help raise the radiator above the VRM daughterboard while still getting a couple of threads in hopefully.
  6. You should get one of these then: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/8f52/ and yes, I do this for all my keyboard reviews because why not? It's not like paying customers do it so I might as well help out.
  7. Hello, I saw a lot of people ask how to disassemble the Corsair keyboards and see what's ticking inside. As part of my upcoming review, I made a small disassembly section which I wanted to share with anyone interested: http://imgur.com/a/NTmbw In case anyone has any questions, please let me know and hopefully this is helpful. Please note that this will void warranty, and neither I nor Corsair are going to be responsible for anything done as a result of this :D:
  8. Which model/layout? As James said above, it would be useful to know the part number.
  9. That's not bad looking at all. Maybe as part of the intended doubleshot PBT keycaps?
  10. Is Re dd it a banned word here or something? It got deleted from my previous post lol.
  11. I saw your post on OcUK, I frequent that place despite being in the US myself. I let some of the Corsair tech marketing guys know so hopefully it's up on social media soon, I will then share on OCN and Reddit.
  12. Hang on, let me bully some Corsair Tech Marketing guys about this :biggrin:
  13. Henry, why not post this on social media as well? This thread isn't going to get as much attention by itself.
  14. I am expressing my interest, and also that of a good 40-50 other people who told me the same thing. Having said that, I wanted to mention some caveats with double shot keycaps- the fonts can be inconsistent. It is also impossible (to my knowledge) to get letters that have a closed loop. Case in point, here's some close up pics from the double shot keycaps on a Ducky Shine 5: http://i.imgur.com/pGEmmbil.jpg http://i.imgur.com/NBxAX9Il.jpg Notice how the "e" is different. Others have mentioned their keycaps being different from mine, so there is definite inconsistency with these keycaps anyway. It could be a QC/QA issue in terms of inconsistency so perhaps Corsair could come up with a good, reliable set of aftermarket options that fit the K65/70/95 and Strafe boards.
  15. Yeah same, hence my recommendation to use it first for a while and then decide.
  16. I have no experience with that fan yet, but so far all my Noctua fan tests show that they are good on heatsinks but not so on radiators or anything else with more airflow restriction than a heatsink.
  17. Ah ok, I see that is already taken care of. I was afraid it was from a major reviewer instead.
  18. Yeah the LED flashing red is one of the notification signals. If you see here: http://i.imgur.com/5di34uN.png The RPM boxes you see are under the notifications section. I am thus pretty sure that Corsair tech support was right all along too and my experiences match what they said- the pump settings (for now anyway) are 2 fixed points only. Mind linking who said the pump is adjustable? I will go ahead and let them know in case people mistakenly buy this assuming so and then get upset.
  19. Hang on, where are you seeing the min and max settings anyway? I only see it under notifications which means those aren't for control- just to set boundary conditions wherein if the pump RPM goes outside the range, you get a notification. I got confused earlier so went back and checked to be sure.
  20. Hey Dustin, thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it! I got this little blog/website where I am putting everything on: http://thermalbench.com It's still being worked on, but I will have cases, GPUs, motherboards, memory, peripherals, PSUs etc in there also including the Corsair Dom Plats in DDR4, Graphite 380T and the Carbide Air 240. George gave me some good feedback yesterday too which I will implement henceforth on.
  21. See that's what I thought too. But it did nothing but stay at 3200 rpm. That's when I called up Corsair tech support for confirmation. I will try again later today and see.
  22. Well I had a sample of the H100i to review before something went wrong (still working it out with Corsair tech support guys). I don't know if there's enough interest to get Corsair to send out a H100i GTX to me, seeing as how I consider myself lucky to be even getting this one. Let's see what happens.
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