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  1. Have flow from Res (XD5) to Rad to GPU and from GPU to CPU ( XC7 I think )to Rad and back to res Res ( 2 rads ) But I cant recall if for the CPU water block they have to go in a particular order ...so if the logo facing down does the input go to the right or left hole?
  2. well I am worried because I have this in my system on a 2080ti and I hate the idea of water leaking into my PC ........ so can I remove it and get a RA from Corsair"?
  3. Try using an extension USB cable and having the dongle far away for the actual PC ... worked for me
  4. will_s

    Wireless Problems

    ok, an update Since I moved my other wireless devices and used an USB extension cable and have the transmitter on my left side I have not had any static or dropout problems So I have my PC on the floor next to my Obutto Gaming Rig......it has the 2 dongles at the front of the Case and the mouse and keybpard are on a moveable platform/table and the Virtusso has a USB extension (actually it was the one that came with my keyboard (logitech G915 and Pro Mouse ) and that dongle is not on the left hand side.... and no static or dopouts
  5. will_s

    Wireless Problems

    https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/docs/io/universal-serial-bus/usb3-frequency-interference-paper.html I have an extension for my wireless on my keyboard but I dont use it but will now put the wireless dongle for my headphones on this
  6. ok, its not perfect had a slight bit of static and what appeared to be a few very quick cutouts........ you can just notice but not like the 3 to 4 second cutout before
  7. ok, I see an updated iCue has come out and I have updated and the sound is not cutting out after 2 sessions of driving in iRacing
  8. ok, I have tried it after turning both the wireless mouse and wireless keyboard off and it works flawlessly but I need the mouse and keyboard. Now the previous wireless headset was the arctic 7 and it never had a problem but the mic is bad. I never saw any warnings about using this with other wireless devices causing problems
  9. Ok, brought these because of the good reviews for the Mic and it does a good job. But I have a bad problem in iRacing with the sound cutting out. It is working and for 1 to 3 seconds the sound can just go out and then come back on. Now I have the dongle at the back of my PC and moved it to the front and no difference. I updated iCue (have Commander Pro ) to the latest as well as firmware. Now I have a wireless mouse and keyboard ( gskill ). Is this a common problem ? For a gaming headset this is a terrible problem and will return it for a refund if I cant get this fixed. Any clues ?
  10. Putting a loop in other PC and only hrydro x part will be the GPU block because I prefer them Will be using just the Hydro GPU and was wondering how to connect it to the Commander pro? The Pro will only be used as a fan hub ( no RGB on fans ) and basically only RGB will be EK CPU and Distro Block as well as hydro x GPU I would assume you would need some sort of extension cable. I am not up to scratch on RGB at all
  11. because its set to fan and not pump so it acts like a fan ????
  12. but the primary difference is the XC7 is designed for LGA 115x/AM4 sockets, and the XC9 is for LGA 2011/2066/TR4
  13. thanks but looks like due to redesign of the top part of the Dynamic 011 XL the thicker rad wont fit and with rise card wont fit in the bottom either
  14. WELL THE Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub is connected to one of the LED channels on the Comander pro but that only handles 6 and you would need another RGB fan LED hub for the other 6 which looks like you have BUT then you wouldnt have GPU/CPU/Pump connection. You can add another Commander Pro and connect them together with USB 2 but in the end you end up with lots of cables But to just get one working...plug the rgb into the RGB fan led hub and connect that to one of the LED channels on the CP. Now they wont light up until you actually add them in the iQue software using drop down boxes.. Once you do that you should be able to do the cpu/gpu/pump but that leaves 5 fans without RGB so most probeley you will need another CP You just have to add them in and then play around and remember you have to connect the CP to your motherboard via USB2
  15. Going to change my case and my loop. Going to add a EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi pump resovoir with the XR5 and XR7 rad on bottom and top of case. Basically removing the XD5 RGB Reservoir/Pump Combo and was wondering would the temp gauge for that work in the FLT 360? Would the pump on the FLT360 be able to coonect to the power Commander and work just the same in the software ie. control speed. I would use Manual settings for pump speed as I hate the Pump and Fan control speeds tha iCue sets btw:the pump details are and the one is red is the important one Pump electrical and mechanical properties: - Motor: Electronically commuted spherical motor - Rated voltage: 12V DC - Power consumption: 23W - Maximum pressure head: 3.9m - Maximum flow: 1500L/h - Maximum system temperature: 60°C - Materials: Stainless steel, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminium oxide, hard coal - Power connector: 4-Pin Molex- and 4-Pin PWM FAN connector
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