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  1. I've been considering using this since corsair and asus think fancy GUIs with pictures are good, and corsair support is consistently useless (people that just google things and know less about the product than I do) and doesn't respond. Although I must say armoury crate is waaaaay worse than icue with its additional useless features... I just want RGB control that isn't bloated and doesn't reset hardware lighting constantly. does it support hardware lighting so I can set it once and forget it?
  2. so I decided to try again because I noticed the software was updated. still does the same thing and now even if I set hardware lighting and prevent the program from loading... the center logo randomly is blue for 1 second when it shouldn't be blue ever. with the program loaded, no blue. without the program running, blue. I have absolutely nothing else that controls RGB on this at all not even left over services etc. thank you for 0 support on this issue.
  3. This is still a thing, support emailed me back with a video on how to use the program then just sent me a survey. I have had to uninstall the application.
  4. Ok so better information, it is definitely an iCUE issue. here is what happens. I set up the hardware lighting and it works fine, quit iCUE (as in quit the entire thing not just minimize to taskbar) to verify it works fine and it does. From there it will always stay that way until iCUE gets loaded again (a full load, again not just hitting that taskbar icon). Once iCUE loads (after a restart or me doing it manually) it resets hardware lighting on the cooler and fans attached.
  5. Thanks, the issue still happens even after a repair. What product should I choose? the cooler or the software, I wondered that even when making this topic.
  6. no ideas? I keep having to re-do it and it keeps switching back at random while it is on and always when it reboots. can't seem to find anyone with the same issue but I'm also really poor at searching.
  7. This worked fine before but now the cooler resets to rainbow puke after a certain amount of time, it even gets reset inside of iCUE to rainbow puke. no crashes or anything it just completely resets that setting always.
  8. armoury crate and iCUE are working fine for me, no issues with dram or anything. 0 conflict they're BFFs.
  9. Thank you for the response. I have been in contact with support via email and they had me hook up the QL fans to the node that came with it and the fans from the cooler to the node that came with that, they all work. iCUE loses connection on the lock screen but otherwise everything is working.
  10. mine came with this and someone rivited it to the case so I thought it couldn't be removed. so maybe be thankful yours didn't come with one lol
  11. This case: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LE0ZKR2/ Someone kindly gifted me a retail 3X ql120 rgb and I have the capelix sitting around... read the faqs and searched the forums but before I gut everything lol replacing the front fans with QL120 and having this work without re-doing it I was initially looking at the 6 fan setup, 3 being the front, 2 being the cooler, and 1 would be the front and side badges correct or is that only the mirror black version? but then... edit: ok reading more... I need to use the node that comes with the QL Fans and plug that into the one that comes with the cooler? and the node that comes with the case for the front and side logos? basically just want to swap the fans and be able to control them I don't care if it loses certain RGB features as long as it can all be the same color. all of these damn diagrams my head is spinning like the fans right now. I feel like I'm missing something =( Front fans don't work in iCUE right now Thanks for assisting, I didn't want to piggyback on the other topics.
  12. so I have to leave this program running or else the lighting just resets to default? need to know this because if so I'm returning this headset.
  13. so yea the keybboard I got through rma is already havving issues double tapping letters at random. 2//8/17 - 3//16/17 barely a month??
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