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  1. Sorry, I can't here, is better for all of us. ;): But you can search on this forum or/and also in google... is simple to find. Good luck! :roll:
  2. Sorry Hex. But unluckily I don't use Corsair Link Software ::pirate:: to control my Corsair hardware :o: (this is the 4th year!!! :D:). This is the reason I can't help you, now, with this problem, seems too software related :eek::confused:. Wait and perhaps DevBiker ;): can help you to solve your issue. Or wait Corsair support here ;) Have a nice day! Lic
  3. My 2 cents over Rainmeter... is the only that read from MB values and consequently can be in conflict with Link services.
  4. Thank you DevBiker, much appreciated, really! I supposed that only you will answer me... :p: :D: I hope Corsair give you some gift when the occasion will be. ;): Lic
  5. Hi all, I've opened a ticket due my Lightning Node pro, attached with usb to Commander Pro stop to work :(:. But sensors and fans work as indeed (in the commander pro) :cool:. The problem is related only to the usb ports. In fact, Windows 10 give me a USB device problem when the lightning node is attached via usb to the commander pro. Directly to the usb, the LN work without problems. So, after double checked if the problem was the Lightning Node or the Commander, I solved that the issue was only on the USB ports (the solution was really simple). Now, from the Support, they ask to me to force the update of both, Commander Pro and Lightning Node. Where i can found these two last firmware to reload-it into my devices? :o: Thank you in advance. Lic
  6. The last firmware is 1.1.06 for the Commander Mini. :D: Hoping someone in Corsair will give you the solution reading your post here. :roll: "Perhaps" I have one, but I prefer to wait and see what is the solution offer officially by Corsair before to write you "mine". :p:
  7. :p: thank you Dustin to remember us! Now also Undermoose, SpeedyV and DevBiker know that. :D: Hoping a solution for Undermoose will be found quickly, now. :o: And fixed in a next release. ;):
  8. How much ignorance here!!! before writing answers you might perhaps do well to inform yourself. :eek: SIV is a program of GIGABYTE! ;): http://www.gigabyte.us/FileUpload/US/Microsite/369/images/system-tweaking.html Interesting as it comes out immediately and willingly this name. :roll:
  9. I'm observing you, Corsair fan boy. :p: But we are discussing to have a good software:roll:, not a personal attack to someone :(:. Agree? I see in this forum a so big incompetence (users, Corsair employees and "Developers") that I'm really happy to follow this funny forum :D::D::D:. Ask to users to report issues and release after release see the same problems always present is... outrageous:eek:, no other word to comment. "The banned" owner of SIV have spent here a lot of time to try to grow this community with his support :o:. But is a SOFTWARE ENGINEER, do you know this kind of people? Engineers? How they live?:roll: Just to remember I've today problem to relate the sensors in Corsair Commander Mini and Pro with a fan curve. After how many years? oh, I forgot to mentions LEDS... this is how to focus the attention to the other side of the problem, shining lights for your eyes but not for mine... ;):
  10. Thank you for the answer. :p: And I see the progress and others steps. :roll: I choice today Corsair hardware ;): (also for my work:p:) and I want to see the Link Software finally good :eek:. Time will tell.::pirate:: Lic
  11. Interesting ::pirate::, and I could also agree if I did not know what has happened so far.:confused: But, I would like to stress immediately and very clearly that my money is good from the first to last cent and I can't say the same thing as Corsair Link products. Do you agree? :D: Justifying here as "professor" :eek: the difficulties of software and hardware development is outrageous for users :(:. It doesn't seem to me that our money was "beta" and that only after 2 years Corsair can use it (but only half because the other half was downgraded because... someone decided so for you... Do you remember Corsair Commander? Do you remember Cooling Node? Do you remember Commander MIni?). Perhaps, as a developer like you say you are, it would be very good to read the parallel software development thread http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120092 . It contains a lot of interesting information, especially for you who are a developer. :roll: For us ordinary users, when we pay, we would like to receive what we have given our money for. Do you agree? Or you are one of those few people who don't work to live, but for fun and so you don't have any problems if you are paid half the salary (because the other half is only worthless paper?)? So stop defending the incompetence shown by Corsair several times... and repeatedly. We have been here for years now (I personally since 2012) waiting for something that perhaps will never be given to us: a decent software to control fans.;):
  12. HI, I've an older H100 (not the -i version) connected via Commander Mini with also an Hx1000i connected same way (not usb but via c-link connector) and running with the actual version of Corsair Link :D: I think is the only way to see your H100 :roll: (via Commander Mini that is updated with the Commander Pro and not more in production, good luck! ::pirate::). For the Hx1000i ;):, with the USB connection :roll: you will see in Corsair Link without problem your PSU. :D:
  13. This one for me. Search in this forum your cooler and usb related driver problem.
  14. Hi SpeedyV, yes my really "old" H100 (only the PCB, not the pump and radiator) is still alive! ;) and thanks to Ray I've this system perfectly running! :)) Perhaps with this picture you can understand what I'm talking.
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