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  1. So should I be starting an RMA? I've had a few of these power supplies before (2x 860is and this 1200i) and all had some noise issues, so I assumed it was SOP for these PSUs. If a mod could chime in, that would be great!
  2. [ame=https://youtu.be/UUYBMmtaIzw]https://youtu.be/UUYBMmtaIzw[/ame] Quick video of the buzzing and ticking noise my AX1200i is making. I'm assuming this is normal and not an RMA issue? Also note the buzzing is hard to hear on the video due to mic and compression, however it appears to be centered around 13k Hz.
  3. Need a recommendation for a model of Corsair PSU that will run truly silent. I have owned 2x AX860i and am currently using an AX1200i, but all of these run at somewhat less than silent - both 860s buzzed terribly, and the 1200 both buzzes and the fan makes an audible clicking every 10-15s when conducting the 'fan obstruction test.' I have read extensively enough about these issues to know that these are not isolated and exist in most if not all AX series power supplies, and am unwilling to play the RMA game. I have however invested heavily in a Corsair Ecosystem, including a custom cable set, so despite reservations am looking for a recommendation on a replacement unit that will run truly silently. For reference, the 6x LL120 fans in my system are running at 850rpm, at which level their sound signature is 100% inaudible in my setup. The only noise I can hear in my office space is the constant buzzing coming from the rear of the PSU, and the loud ticking every 10-15s from the PSU fan. Based on my system specs, the HX850i or RM850i should be loads sufficient. Can anyone comment on whether these units have buzzing problems or run a fan obstruction test? Thanks!
  4. I have a 5 year old AX1200i that has recently started making a very pronounced clicking noise when it does its standard obstruction test. I run all my fans at a fixed 900 RPM for total silence in my system, and have never heard this clicking noise before this weekend. I tried using Corsair Link to set the fan to a fixed RPM to eliminate this sound, but the only setting exposed for the fan (other than profile and temp) is the custom setting, and the lowest I can set is 40%. While the fan does spin up, it makes the same clicking noise but now continuously - and much more irritating. At ~55% the sound goes away, but the fan is much louder than the rest of my system at this setting. I've tried using every other setting available and there is no way to eliminate the noise from the PSU entirely. Having read other posts I know this is a 'feature' of the PSU, but it is absolutely infuriating. I use my system for long periods doing graphic design with no background music, and the clicking is driving me mad. Any suggestions? For reference the PSU is mounted with the fan facing down in my 570X. Cheers
  5. The AX860 and AX860i use Type 3 Cables. However as I've discovered recently, Type 4 cables will work just fine in Type 3 PSUs. The only caveat is if you want to use a Type 4 ATX cable, you will need to cut the 4-pins containing the sense cables from the ATX PSU-side cable. You can look here for more details: https://www.modders-inc.com/power-supply-pinout-repository/8/ I recently converted a Type 4 28-pin ATX cable to work on my AX1200i as described above, and am using an entire set of the Premium Sleeved Corsair cables without issue. Tested stable with a Tt Dr Power II and individual pins with my MM. Cheers
  6. As an update, I cut the PSU side connector last night with a very sharp OLFA with LBB blades, and the result after some minor sanding of the connector was a near stock appearance, as I retained the side wall of the main 14P connector. The extraneous 4-pin block now has pin 8 & 9 exposed, so I coated with some liquid electrical tape to prevent shorting, though I will likely either remove these cables entirely or heatshrink the adapter for safety. I confirmed that all 3 connectors on the now separated 4-pin block lead back to double wired connectors on the ATX 24-pin, and also confirmed they are wired to 3.3, 5 and 12V supply connectors, supporting the conclusion that these are sense wires. I also confirmed fitment into my AX1200i, although the retaining clip is now in the wrong location to mate with the PSU and I had to remove it. I realized that I have lent my ATX tester to a friend, so won't be able to confirm final functionality until later this week, and still want to confirm before plugging into my system. More soon!
  7. The capacitors and proper sleeving (no heatshrink) are the primary reason I want to keep the cable... After reviewing the pinout connections on the SF600 and AX1200i, it actually looks like a VERY simple task. Corsair appears to have kept the basic pinout the same, and only the additional 4 pins on the 28-pin need to be removed - ie 8, 9, 17, 18. The socket types are also the same. It may even be possible to cut the additional 4 pins off the connector. As this cable is essentially useless to me, I plan to remove the pins, coat with liquid electrical tape and cap and then cut the connector in order to test in my ATX power supply tester. Will post back when done. I can confirm all other cables in this kit work with the 1200i. As a note, I did have an issue using the EVGA Powerlink in combination with the Type 4 cables - likely an issue of too many capacitors on the line. The 'P' would flash at startup and I would not get a signal from the card when using the cables in combination with the PowerLink.
  8. Hey All, I have an AX1200i and was recently gifted a set of Type 4 cables for a new build. All the cables appear compatible, save for the ATX cable, which has a different set of connectors at the PSU end. Is it possible to repin this cable to work with the AX1200i, or should I just grab an individual ATX cable from corsair.com? I have the OE connector from the 1200i that I could use to repin into. Thanks!
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