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  1. I understand what you are asking but I think you need to see the full picture. You can get the commander pro right now but at the time of this post you cannot get the new lighting strips separately unless you buy the lighting node pro. So do not believe anything unless you see a video of someone connecting the new lighting strips to the commander pro and displaying the fancy patterns unless you would like to take the chance and spend $$$ on the 2 items and test it.
  2. Corsair did the same nonsense as they did last year. They released the Commander Pro but you cannot buy the lighting strips separately unless you pony up another $60 for the lighting node pro. Also correct me if im wrong. The old LED strips currently available in the store does not work with the new Commander Pro due to voltage differences. 5V vs 12V. So what you are left with is a Commander Pro that can only control their LED fans and you will have to wait months for them to sell the LED strips separately.
  3. Yep theres one and you still cant buy the LED strips to connect to it unless you buy a LNP [ame] [/ame]
  4. This thread went from 0 -100 in no time lol. I honestly stopped buying Corsair products. Its too much crap and its been years of nothing being fixed while they push out new products. Thanks to red-ray and other active users on the forums that helped new users troubleshoot their stuff. Its maddening to buy new equipment, it doesn't work, they go through the official support ticket system and get a default "RMA" reply but when they come to the forums there are the active users giving them troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. These problems go silent and Corsair keeps rolling like nothing is wrong. Every year we see big Gorge at Computex or the Computer shows showing off new hardware or the amazing things that Corsair products can do, then the products make it to the review sites who cant say anything bad about the product because they know they cannot post the review unless its approved by either Corsiar or an editor who wants to keep relations good with corsair. Now here we are today......What has changed besides the Corsair logo? nothing.
  5. The only alternative of 140 RGB fans are the NXT Aer. You have the choice to wait for an uncertain product or get a product that's available now.
  6. I think Corsair needs to take a look at NZXT Aer RGB fans to learn how to release a proper software controlled RBG fans. NZXT won in software controlling RGB with the full spectrum of colours. They also won by releasing a 140mm fan along side the 120mm version, unlike Corsair only providing 120mm and who knows when the 140 RGB fans are coming.
  7. The video in the original post shows the connector. It looks exactly like the connector the LED strips use that connects to the commander mini. A 4 pin connector with a LED strip. That is correct, you cannot turn off the lights on the fans. If they were software controlled then customers could set 0,0,0 to turn off the LED similar to the lighting node or the commander mini, or even the AIO coolers.
  8. Not really, we did not need a controller. What we needed was a cable that connected the RGB hub to the Commander Mini the same way the Lighting node is connected. But instead they decided to go with a manual controller, they did not even include the optional cable to connect it to the Commander Mini which means there is a strong possibility that it cannot connect to it at all. As a test I would like someone with a commander Mini connect one of these fans to is RGB connection and see what happens in terms of colour control.
  9. So I watched the full review and all I can say is wow. I cannot believe the LEDs on the fans cannot be software controlled. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the 90's. We will now have cables running outside of our cases again. [ame= ] [/ame]
  10. That's because your fans are changing speeds when you first turn on the PC. Normally the fans go full blast for about 10 seconds then reverts to their normal setting. When ever the fans change speeds it will cause the LEDs to blink.
  11. The problem only happens if you use a custom curve. If you do not use a custom curve the LEDs will not blink. I know it completely defeats the purpose to not use a custom curve but its the only work around.
  12. As a H440 owner I can offer you some insight based on some clarity. The H110iGTX does not exist by chance do you mean the H110i GT? The H440 cannot fit a radiator in the bottom, by chance do you mean the front of the case? An H110i GT can fit in the roof and the front at the same time if you are looking to use multiple AIO. Push/Pull will not work in the roof with a 280 radiator due to clearance but it will work in the front of the case. Also I would suggest against doing it on a radiator less than 38mm. A H110iGT and H100i (non GTX) performs about the same. The only difference is that the H110iGT can achieve the same cooling efficacy at lower fan speeds (quieter). The reason the previous H100i are still flying off the shelves is that they are better in terms of reputation and connectability. For instance, the H100i is manufactured by CoolIT along with the H80i and H110i GT. The H100iGTX is manufactured by Asetek along with the H80i GT and the H110. The previous H100i can connect up to 4 fans and control them individually without the need to purchase additional hardware. It has a higher quality metal backplane as opposed to plastic one provided from the Asetek alternative. It can also connect to other Corsair components such as the AXi and HXi power supplies and Corsair Commander mini without buying additional hardware. I know it can seem a bit confusing but once you look at the cooling plate you can instantly tell them apart by the Square plate (CoolIT) and round plate (Asetek). Also you can search the forums to see many users having issues with the new Asetek units sounding like a refrigerator and almost little to none on the new CoolIT unit. Sometimes newer isn't always better. Just my thoughts an suggestions as someone that owns a H440, owns a CoolIT manufactured AIO and have previously owned a Asetek AIO...
  13. More information is needed like what case are you using? what CPU? Are you overclocking the CPU? Have you used a AIO before (if so which one) ?
  14. Using third party software was a choice, which you made to do so. Honestly we all take a risk when using third party software as you never know what its doing behind the scenes such as tracking web history, stealing usernames and passwords or even creating a backdoor to your machine. As for Corsair allowing someone to constantly advertise their third-party software on their official forums I guess it does not violate their TOS as many MODs have seen it and let it continue so there may be no wrong doing to take action. As for your OEM computer, you do not have to buy a new OS. The computer comes with a way to make the restore CDs on a separate partition. Also you can download a copy of windows or borrow someone's copy and use your CD key which is usually a sticker on the machine somewhere. If this was a self build machine with the Windows OS that you purchased you can still reuse it, just call Microsoft and inform them you motherboard or your hard drive died and you had to replace it, they will reset the activation for you to use again. good luck
  15. The H110i is the same dimensions as the H110 compatibility wise.
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