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  1. I suppose you're right... And even after shaking temps are still high... just... better...
  2. Rocked computer back and forth and it seems to be working fine again Below 45 degrees even at a very low fan speed (like 600 rpm) Before it was over 52 degrees.... So... may not be FULLY fixed... dunno... although, the processor is taking like 40 or 50 watts or something at idle... because no power saving features are turned on (couldn't get that to work...) soooo... dunno *shrugs* But, yeah, if it happens again I'll just shut the computer off and rock it back and forth a bit... oh yeah, and I should also disable the pump speed varying via Motherboard... still have it dropping down to about 1900 rpm when the processor is cool and jumping up to ~3100 rpm when the processor is warm... but that's happening via Motherboard... seems to be working fine but should probably just not reduce voltage... also the fan speed won't report when it's being throttled by the Motherboard... sooooo... yeah... it just says 0 rpm even though it's spinning Sorry, this was unnecessary to post... but just saying that (hopefully) I fixed it... but... probably not.. I probably just 'temporarily' made it better.. and still not optimal Maybe I should shake it some more... eh... I will if temps start increasing again No need to reply... Just saying shaking it does help and I guess every once in a while that's what I have to do to keep temps reasonable
  3. *sigh* looks like you're right... It's back up to 49 degrees at idle... it was 45-46... I guess that's better than 58... Turning it off for a few minutes and then back on again can help... I guess it moves the clog slightly.. or something... but... Hmm... I'm back up to 4ghz but I'm just barely running that while keeping it below 85 degrees at 100% load and keeping it stable... And it's only running at 100% load for a few minutes a day... so I'm sure it's fine But... Still... At least I know for sure it's a clog... I'm pretty dang positive it's not a failing pump and is due to a clog...
  4. So I turned my computer off again for about 5 days (cause I went on a trip) and temps seem to be back to normal I guess whatever clog there was is gone now??? idk... Temp is still about 20 degrees above ambient temp at idle but it says my processor is consuming about 40 watts at idle and fans are only running at like 600 rpm So... it got to a point where it was 58 degrees at idle... then I turn it off overnight and it was only 52 at idle... then I turn it off for 5 days and now it's not even 46 at idle... Soooooo... idk
  5. So I shut the computer off for the night and turned it back on and temps seem to be MUCH better I still don't think it's 100% better... but definitely an improvement Could just be that it hasn't fully warmed up yet... hmm.. but the difference between liquid temp and cpu temp is pretty significantly less And top tube still feels really warm... while the bottom feels pretty cool... Hmm... I guess that's normal... fans only running at about 600 rpm currently... idk I guess we'll see... but I think I'm idling at around 50-52 degrees instead of 58 like I was before... and fans are a lot lower I think this possibly can be fixed just by doing something... like, I don't think I have to actually return it
  6. Except I'd like the pump rpm to increase as temps increase By turning it down in the bios, I can have it idle at 1800, turn up to about 2400 at medium temps and go up to the max 3100ish at high temps Heh... I remember when I had it turned way down in the bios and I'd try quiet mode and temps would be really high and I'd be like "wow, that's a pretty drastic increase in temps" and then I realized the pump rpm was only 900... duh
  7. Okay I just confirmed 0 rpm happens whenever the fan speed is set below a certain amount in the bios... I even tried doing "max rpm" but it still reported 0... but the noise increased so I knew it obviously increased It's around 60% or so... if I have it set below that it'll report 0
  8. Ugh... okay, last post because I feel like I'm spamming It's definitely getting worse... my computer froze and restarted automatically and I changed some setting in the bios (hopefully that fixes it this time) and then restarted my computer and then I checked temps and by the time I did this it had been cooling down for about 2 or 3 minutes... so, anyway, it said 66 degrees and that's AFTER it had cooled down some! omg.. And it's 57 degrees at idle when it used to be 53... Cpu temps I believe are within safe ranges... but now I'm only running at 3ghz :( *sigh* I might try um... taking it out and.... idk... Btw, it says package power is 40 watts at idle... I should really enable some of the power saving features... I think I tried that and it didn't work, though So considering that... I don't think 58 degrees at idle is TOO bad I mean... it's bad... but not bad, bad Although it can easily hit 65 with load... and if the pump shuts off and the hot stuff from the top tube goes down it can reach around 70 (probably, highest I've seen is ~66 but that's after a few minutes of it cooling down at very low load)
  9. This is getting quite annoying... I turned down the clock speed and voltage so now temps are only ~80-85 degrees tops (and that's the cpu package temp, cores are almost 10 degrees below that) at 50% load... anyway... I keep freezing... sometimes it'll unfreeze and sometimes it won't.. it's when I'm running cpu intensive things so I'm guessing I turned down the voltage too much.. the temps seem to be at least somewhat in an okay range so I'd say definitely voltage not high enough Like one time a tab on Chrome crashed... and that was it.. but then I stopped the cpu intensive application right away... another time a program I was running froze with the sound still going and then unfroze about 5 sec later and then froze again and then I minimized and a few seconds later my mouse froze and I waited a minute and it never unfroze again... and this last time the bottom part (the 'explorer' section) of the screen froze and it wouldn't let me move my mouse down there.. then I press ctrl alt del and it takes 5 seconds (should be instantaneous) and then I press "start task manager" and it said something about startup options not able to display or something like that... I could be getting it completely wrong... then I back out of that and return to my desktop and a few seconds later the cpu intensive application crashed I'd definitely say not enough voltage... temps are under 80 degrees tops so that shouldn't be the issue... I just wish I knew how to fix this clog.. it does seem to be a clog because when the pump shut off and turned back on again I opened up Corsair Link a minute or two later and it showed it being almost 65 degrees! And that was after my computer being at low load for a while.... so, yeah, I'd say top tube is much hotter than it's reporting... possibly around 80 to 90 degrees (I doubt it's any higher than that because it isn't burning my hand... although if I keep it at load for a while it can almost burn my hand when I touch the tube) Add System_Service_Exception to list of BSODs I've gotten... anyway, upped voltage and lowered clock speed 1 and temps are below 85 degrees at 50% load (and load almost never goes above 50%) so... should be good And most of the time it's under 20%... so... yeah, should be good So... now the temp won't drop below 57 degrees at idle... before it went down to 53... and room temp is about the same.. and fan speed is about the same... it's probably gotten worse or something...
  10. The 0 rpm seems to happen on mine when the fan drops below 800 rpm or so As long as the fan still looks like it's spinning, and temps are good, you should be fine :) I have to do custom curve too... even on 'quiet' it is quite loud... At least... it used to report "0" at low rpms... I think that might be at really, really low rpms... like if you have it turned down on the Motherboard as long as all the way on the custom curve
  11. Well, I'm only leaving it at ~90 degrees for a few minutes at a time just a few times a day.. so it's probably okay Sometimes it's around 75-80 for extended periods of time... but I'd say those temps are okay *sigh* okay... yeah.. the pump appears to be working but it seems the fluid is getting stuck in the outtake tube... because it shouldn't be so hot that it almost burns my hand :/ I sent a ticket in and they are probably just going to say I need to replace it... I'm just tired of shipping stuff back.. I've already sent an AX860i due to it failing back and the H80i like 3 times.... I'm not sure if it's still under warranty or not, but regardless it'll cost like 15-20 bucks to ship it back and not to mention the pain of having to do so...
  12. ugh.... at 60 degrees it seems to force the fans to 100%... how do I change that There's literally no cooling difference whatsoever between 1200 rpm and 2500 rpm... there's no reason at all why they should need to blast really loud if there's literally not a degree drop in temp between 1200 and 2500... Hmm... I think it might be because I had the lost dot on the curve set at 60 degrees.. I only had it set at like 40% fan speed but I think after the last dot it sets the fans to 100%... Let's see if this fixes it Edit: nope... Great... core temp was only about 90-95 degrees running Handbrake on only I think 6 threads? (3 cores out of 6) but I just got a BSOD and it said DPC Watchdog Violation I could up the voltage some or lower the clock speed by 100mhz... the voltage is only at like 1.26 currently Ugh... and pump temp is still going up... http://i.imgur.com/agjcwnp.png I'm only running 2 out of 6 cores right now... Pump temp is currently about to hit 60 degrees as I'm typing this now... fan speed is at 1100mhz... it's about to force to 2500... again... I'm tired of getting these BSODs Watchdog Timeout DPC Watchdog Violation WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and even IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL all because of the cpu temp being too high... And the fans blasting to 100%... there's like no difference whatsoever between 1100 rpm and 2600 rpm as far as temperature goes... so why does it turn it up to 2600 rpm? There has to be a way to disable that... I must of enabled something that once it hits 60 degrees it'll turn the fans to 100%... Okay, yeah... the air coming out of it is actually pretty cool... and the bottom tube is pretty cool... the top tube is so hot it almost burns my hand... Soooooo.. it says it's 54 degrees at idle right now.. buuut.. the top tube is still almost burning my hand, while the bottom one feels pretty cool... I'd say the top tube is AT LEAST around 70 degrees... I mean, it's rubber... so the transfer of heat shouldn't be that much... if it was metal I'd say 50 to 55 degrees... but rubber probably 70 to 80 degrees... I could be way off.. I mean... there's just too many factors to consider... but the top tube is very, very hot... probably around the feel if metal was 50-55 degrees.... I mean it could be as low as 45.... idk The point is that it feels pretty hot...
  13. Hmm... the top tube feels really, really warm after running the cpu at high loads while the bottom tube feels relatively cool... But temps do seem to be quite high... Okay... just felt it again after having something run for a while (before I felt it like 5 minutes after I ran something) top tube is so hot that it almost burns my hand if I hold it long enough... But bottom tube still feels relatively cool... It's showing it right at about 60 degrees, currently Also, a fan speed of ~1200 rpm versus a fan speed of ~2500 rpm seems to make almost no difference... even though it's double the rpm...
  14. Except I always keep my case open... also I rarely game (why did I even buy 2 video cards lol) It's annoying because if I forget to run a cpu intensive application (like video encoding) at half cores then I will BSOD within a minute... I even tried raising the voltage but apparently the processor doesn't like running at 100 degrees... It's only at that temp for a few minutes so I doubt it's causing any significant permanent damage but it is quite annoying Yeah, normally it's 50 degrees TOPS and that's with fans running at a relatively low speed and cpu load at 100%... so over 60 degrees at max fan speed... that's... not good
  15. Hmm... But I think it's always been ~3100 rpm at 100% speed IIRC But, I'll open up a ticket anyway and see Thanks
  16. So... just recently the liquid is over 60 degrees at full load with both fans running at max speed... and at full load the cpu hits 100 degrees and I get a BSOD within a minute or so... even at half load some cores are 95 degrees... but at least I don't BSOD then... http://i.imgur.com/0bmhZF7.png Both tubes feel warm but one just feels somewhat warm while one feels really warm Pump SEEMS to be working fine... and it's reporting the correct RPM Both fans are working fine... So... Yeah..... It's something... but pump SEEMS to be working fine and both fans are working fine... and I haven't changed the setup of anything Any help would be appreciated
  17. Bryman


    Restarted computer and it's fixed... that was very odd I did have a box on top of the PSU to block some of the fan noise since I had it running on lowest fan speed 24/7... but I don't think that would do it... it should try to start itself back up, right? Just kind of worried it'll do it again when I'm gaming or something and overheat the PSU... I guess the PSU has protection
  18. Bryman


    Here's a screenshot The fan isn't spinning at all... even with processor and video card at full load
  19. Bryman


    NEVERMIND problem solved :) Okay.....? So I just noticed the fan wasn't running on my PSU and I open up HWiNFO and I ran a stress test and one of the temperatures stayed at 54.3°C while the other one went from 65 to 72°C... 2 of the temperatures are reporting around 72°C right now while one of them says 54.3°C I have an AX860i I'm going to restart my computer and see if that fixes it but I'm just wondering WHY is this happening? Like is it possibly normal? I'm guessing no since one of the temperatures is stuck at 54°C while the other 2 went up 7°C
  20. Restarted computer and everything is fine.... H80i only got up to like 55°C... I was worrying for nothing It was just glitchy Corsair Link... I had to restart my computer
  21. Yeah, so..... I accidentally had the fans turned ALL the way down by using a custom curve and now my processor is 100°C and I think the pump is still running but it's not being detected.... is it bad if an H80i is around 80-90°C? Forgot to mention that my processor is at 100% load right now which is why it's at 100°C Nevermind... just switched handbrake to 1 core and now the coolest core is around 60°C... probably just a glitch that it's not being detected Although rather odd... I completely closed Corsair Link and reopened 5 times and it's still not working... switched handbrake to 2 cores right now and hottest core is 90°C... that'll be fine until it finishes I realize these temps are bad but are okay in the short-term
  22. For me it's about 1% cpu minimized and 1% cpu open... but at least it's not 12% It's the Corsair Link Service that takes most of the cpu... not Corsair Link itself
  23. I think it's fixed I still won't keep it open when I'm not using i though... it still uses 1-2% cpu But at least if I accidentally leave it open then it won't start taking 12% cpu
  24. On my i7-3770K it would take at least 2 or 3 threads to get the cpu to it's maximum... maybe the 6770K is different though I wouldn't worry too much about 1.35 volts as long as the temperatures are okay and it's only for a few months... I guess it would increase power consumption though What I'm doing is closing Corsair Link from the taskbar after I'm done using it, you could use something like HWmonitor to get the same info that Corsair Link is reporting Ah... it might be increasing the voltage to its maximum because 1 thread is at 100% versus multiple threads at like 30-50% (like when I was playing a game) Just... don't run stress tests at really high voltages [ame= ] [/ame] 45°C to 105°C in 1/10 of a second... I had HWmonitor set to update every 100ms Uh... yeah... CPU-Z reported 1.53 volts at idle and 1.57 volts at load (not sure why voltage is higher at load)
  25. This needs to be fixed, soon... If I have other stuff taking about ~90% cpu then the 12% cpu the Corsair Link makes causes the computer to start freezing... So bad that even the mouse starts freezing I have no idea why it freezes the computer so much when the other ~90% is set to low priority
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