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  1. Hm seems only x99 systems are affected?
  2. hey, that little screen, is it hooked up to a hdmi port? is it handeled as a 4th display under windows?
  3. hey anyone know if you can dye the white LED versions, since they are basically clear versions, to get different colors like green?
  4. So ML120 has PWM connectors?
  5. Oh, you don't want to know what people have done, if they have to put a separate not for it.
  6. Hey can I replace the stock Fans with SP120 LED fans?
  7. Thank you for the quick and detailed answer! Awesome community!
  8. Hey the offical http://www.corsair.com/en-us/hydro-series-h100i-v2-extreme-performance-liquid-cpu-cooler site does not list the LGA 1151 as compatible, yet in some threads it says "it should work" is there a official statement somewhere and why is the official website not updated? also will the H100i V2 be enough to cool a i7-6700K ? Thanks for any answers.
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