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Zotty's CORSAIR RGB Hardware and iCUE Eco-System FAQ
Last updated 18th of March 2021
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Commander Pro/Lighting Node Pro/Lighting Node Core/RGB Fan LED Hubs/PSU's/AIO Coolers
RGB Fans/RGB Strips/LS100 specs/info
iCUE Enabled Cases
Basic Questions Answered
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Introducing the CORSAIR 7000 Series Cases
You’ve asked for it and we listened! With the amount of positive feedback we had with the 4000 and 5000 series cases – we just HAD to go BIGGER! Today we’re releasing the 7000D Airflow and 7000X RGB Full-Tower Cases. For those who demand top-tier performance, aesthetics and have that need for more space, look no further than the 7000s series. Here are some highlights:
• Easy access all-around with easily detachable hinged side panels and removable front and roof panels
• A spacious interior that accommodates a plethora of fans and multiple 360mm radiators or two 420mm radiators simultaneously
• Minimalist solid steel front and roof panel with dedicated ventilation channels (7000D)
• Three tempered glass panels for a full view of your system (7000X)
• Equipped with the CORSAIR iCUE COMMANDER CORE XT Controller and a PWM fan repeater, providing RGB fan lighting and speed control to its four included CORSAIR SP140 RGB ELITE fans (7000X)
Click the following for more information: 7000D AIRFLOW and iCUE 7000X RGB. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below.
Q: Will my GPU fit in this case?
A: Definitely! The 7000 Series supports a maximum GPU length of 450mm.
Q: Can I orientate my GPU vertically?
A: Yes – there are included motherboard standoffs which may be used to solidly mount a PCIe vertical mount riser cable directly to the PSU shroud. SSD trays may also be taken from behind the motherboard tray to be mounted atop the PSU shroud.
Q: What motherboard form factors can fit?
A: Motherboard compatibility includes mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX.
If you're looking for an AIO that'll take full advantage of this case, check out our iCUE H170i ELITE CAPELLIX CPU Cooler that's equipped with a 420mm radiator!

Let us know if you guys have any questions or thoughts! We’re excited to hear from you!
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Introducing the CORSAIR iCUE H170i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler
Hey everyone,
Today, we're releasing the largest AIO cooler we've ever made! For those who demand top-tier performance and aesthetics, look no further than the H170i ELITE CAPELLIX! Here’s a few quick highlights:
• Equipped with our largest All-In-One radiator - the 420mm radiator provides maximum surface area for superior cooling.
• Three 140mm CORSAIR ML RGB Magnetic Levitation PWM fans with eight LEDs each, delivering immaculate airflow and cooling performance at silent noise levels.
• iCUE COMMANDER CORE that provides users with the authority to control RGB lighting and cooling performance for up to six RGB PWM fans.

Click here for more information. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below.
Q: What cases fit the H170i ELITE CAPELLIX?
A: Also releasing today, our 7000 Series cases are able to perfectly accommodate the H170i ELITE CAPELLIX! Our 1000D Super-Tower and Carbide Series 678C are also compatible.
Q: What other RGB fans can I connect to the COMMANDER CORE?
A: Our SP RGB ELITE fans would be recommended, since they have an identical number of LEDs per fan to the ML RGB fans on our ELITE CAPELLIX AIOs. Having fans with a nonidentical number of LEDs will not allow lighting effects to properly synchronize when connected to the same controller. If you use our other RGB fans (LL, QL, etc.), you will require a separate lighting controller (Lighting Node CORE, or Lighting Node PRO/COMMANDER PRO paired with RGB fan hub) for them. Non-RGB PWM fans may be connected to the COMMANDER CORE's PWM ports, allowing performance control via iCUE. For more information on fan configuration with the COMMANDER CORE, please refer to our good friend Zotty's post!
Q: What's the difference between the ELITE CAPELLIX' ML RGB fans and the ML RGB PRO fans?
A: The ELITE CAPELLIX' ML RGB fans are equipped with twice the amount of LEDs than our ML RGB PRO fans, allowing for more lighting customization and smoother lighting animations/transitions.
Q: Are the ELITE CAPELLIX' ML RGB fans available separately?
A: We do not currently offer the ELITE CAPELLIX' ML RGB fans as a separate retail unit.
Who's excited to build with one of these? Feel free to shoot any questions below!
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