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0002.1 Devices in back - Default Setup


This is the default setup in the back of the iCUE 7000X. The cables are pretty tidy. Take a picture now ... it won't last.

In the middle, on the plate behind the CPU, is the new Commander Core XT. This is an interesting little device and I really want to use it in the build. We'll talk about that later.

The plate behind the CPU mounting is brilliant. That's always been a wide open space where things couldn't be mounted, wasting that space in the back. This plate solves that - it's a nice mounting platform for things like the Commander Core XT AND it's removable so you can get to the back of the CPU to mount the cooler. I like it.

The CoCoXT is mounted with that bloody strong mounting tape that Corsair uses. It resists being taken off but ... it can be. I've never liked the sticky stuff and always pull it off. I normally crazy glue some magnets to the bottom but you don't need to do that with the CoCoXT - it's already magnetic.

The Fan Hub is a PWM fan hub/repeater that is powered by SATA. So you don't have to worry about overloading any fan header. It's not connected to anything though.

Beneath that are 3 mounting points for SSDs. They can also be removed and placed in the front.

From the album:

DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

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No crazy glue or magnets are needed for the Commander Core XT. It's magnetic all on its own!!

So I really don't understand why the massively sticky pads attaching this to the case if it is magnetic. Just pop it on there and let the magnets do their thing!

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definitely going back to oldschoolisch sized towers - especially with so many extra devices ^^ i started with big/full tower computers and now, like 35 years later , back to the roots ^^

Love the how much corsair thinks consumerlike when its about cable routing, case organization. And even their price/value ratio is super fair.

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Agreed. The 7000 is, IMHO, a good size for those that want a larger case but can't go with the 1000D. I would, however, like to see an 8000D that will support 3 420mm radiators.


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