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RMA needed for TWINX 3200XLPT


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Here are the facts:

(All items purchased brand new within the last 2 months.)

Motherboard - AOpen AX4SG Max II

Processor - Intel P4 3.2 GHz Northwood

BIOS - Latest Award version 1.06

RAM - 1 GB TWINX XMS3200 XLPT matched 512MB pair

Video card - ATI 9200se AGP

Video capture card - KWorld Xpert DVD maker

Power supply - Antec TrueControl 550 W


Here are the symptoms:

- Random hangs and BSOD's multiple times per day

- Memtest gives errors for one of the memory modules regardless of memory slot or voltage (I tried up to 2.75 V). Specifically, for the bad part, I've run Memtest86+ for 19 passes and received errors even with the DDR voltage manually set to 2.75 V.

- There are no hangs, BSOD's, or Memtest errors when using only the good module, even with the voltage set to AUTO (which I think is about 2.70 V).


Here are my questions:

- What is the real significance of the "matched pair?" Should I replace both parts to keep them "matched?" My intuition says I only need to replace the bad part. That would also allow my computer to remain operational during the return period, since this is the only memory I have.

- Can you please authorize an RMA for the bad part, or for the pair if that is the preferred method for matched memory?



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Matched pairs are ensured to run at their single rated timings when paired together. It is recommended that both be replaced at the same time, otherwise they're not matched anymore and cannot be guaranteed to run at those timings.
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