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Carbide 500R Fan problem


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I have recently purchased a Corsair Carbide 500R case. After I correctly installed everything and hooked everything up, everything worked fine. But after a few hours, the front and side fans began to cause trouble.


The problem I am experiencing right now is that the fans aren't spinning, but however, the LED's in them work fine. The weirdest thing about that is that the switch on the front side of the case to control the RPM of the fans, now controls the brightness of the LED's. Once I push the switch all the way down, the LED's turn on on full brightness. This only works if I press on the enable LED button on the front side of the case.


I have hooked the side fan up with the 3-pin connector which had nothing connected to it yet, and the front fans are connected to the same wire going down the front panel. The back fan is connected by a 3-pin connector to the motherboard.


Also, I kept getting the following error upon booting:


''Error: System Fan Has Failed.

Service PC to prevent damage to the system.

Press <F2> to continue.''


The weird thing was that every fan was spinning and working correctly. After disconnecting and reconnecting all fan wires, my system finally managed to boot again. However, I am afraid this didn't fixed the problem permanently.


Is anyone else familiar with this? I have basically tried everything and nothing seems to be fixing the problem. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

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Do the fans still spin when its connected to the front panel fan controller?

Has the error appeared again since the last reconnection? The error message is only warning you that a fan failed.



What do you mean? They are all connected to the front panel controller. I have tried connecting the side panel fan to the motherboard, and it still works perfectly fine.

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This is a SWAG, since I do not have that motherboard.


If the rear fan was connected to a System Fan header on the motherboard, and subsequently removed and connected to a different System Fan header, the motherboard may give you a warning that a previously connected fan is no longer reporting an RPM signal on the first System Fan header.


Check in the BIOS to see how the System Fans are set up.



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