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No email or contacts from Corsair after order


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I have ordered a refurbished k60 monday, after complete every checkout as a guest (since I mostly do the buying in stores) i accidentally exit before i copy the order #

now, after 5 days, still no confirmation email from corsair

no idea where my keyboard go

i dont know when will it get here

and i'm stuck with an ancient keyboard

i have all other information like emails, address, phone, and all that stuff to help you find out what happened to me

btw, i called the customer service and waited for 20 min to have no one respond to me...

any help will be appreciated t.y

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Update: i called customer service again, and i got a person on the line, after i explain my situation, she said to wait and i got forwarded to a message.

called few more times and got straight to voice message

this is going nowhere

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