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FX8120 H60 cooling issues


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I am running the FX8120 on a Biostar TA970 ver5 board.

No OC.

The cooler is H60.

Idle temps are appx 40-50 and gaming with World of Tanks I jump to 70+.

Temps are using Core Temp readings.

Block is warm and tubes are one warm and one cool.

Radiator bottom (Tube side) is warm and top cool.

I am running two fans on the radiator front and back (Corsair A225M12s .38A)


Is the H60 just too small for this setup, or has the pump got issues?


Using Prime95 testing the temps can climb to as high as 80 degrees quickly.

Smartfan On and temps run high.

Off as listed above.


Any help?

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