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Some questions about the H80i


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Hello everyone :) !


I'im here to talk about the H80i I just bought two months ago.

I'm sorry for my not-quite-perfect english. :S


I have some questions about it,


1 - Since the Corsair Link Software seems to interfer with Blender (3d software), I don't use it anymore, letting the computer adjust by default fans speed etc. I'm not actually pretty sure about that but Windows did crash a lot when I was rendering on Blender, I reinstalled Windows, without Corsair Link, and since this my computer didn't crash at all.

So I'm just asking you whether I still can properly use my H80i without the usb cable or just not, which seems to be no longer useful (correct me if I'm totally wrong), and I would like to have my motherboard clean with a nice cable management so the more cables I hide the better it is. ;)


2 - For the moment I'm not overclocking my cpu, and I would like to know if it is possible to use the H80i with only one fan, because even idling, it's pretty loud and maybe removing one fan will make it a bit quieter. Also I can hear a little noise, not very annoying but occurs sometimes and it would be better without it. I'm pretty sure it comes from the fan in the rear of the radiator somehow scratching the radiator itself.

I'm asking it because of the Y shaped cable plugged between pump and fans seeming to only let us use two fans rather than one. What if I let one of the plugs free ? Will it explode my pc ? Just kidding, but it may not start or something like this, or maybe make a shortcut if hitting any metallic part of the computer. Just asking before doing any crap.

It also is an aesthetical question, because it is a very imposing component and on the window panel, it's the only thing we see. :P


That's it for the moment, hoping that what I say is understandable ! :D


Have a nice day, Thooto

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Hello again, and sorry for double posting but it's like a new question so not an edit because I had to write it quickly etc, whatever.


By saying "Corsair Link", do you actually mean the physical usb cable in the case or the software ? Because for sure I can run it without the software but I assume that you meant the usb cable, right ? :P (sorry for my ponderosity...)


Thanks, Thooto

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