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So I got an answer to my ticket:


"Unfortunately we cannot process this order because the address you provided in Springfield Gardens, NY. The address has been associated with a lot of fraudulent chargebacks so we cannot ship there. We cannot ship to any freight forwarding companies in general. We apologize for the inconvenience."


So much for supporting a company that you like by purchasing from them directly.


Would love if Corsair provide any solid proof that address is associated with "fraudulant chargebacks", considering that this is my first, and likely the last time I purchase from them.


Also explain to me why the other order (#2600073436) was shipped without any kind of problems. I've been buying from Amazon for YEARS, and not a single guy from Amazon came to me and claim that the address is associated with Chargeback Fraud.


Is this a joke? You probably have the right with who to deal business with, and who not to, but don't give me the Chargeback Fraud crap excuse just because I'm not Western.


Faudulant Chargebacks... What a load of crap.

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