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H100i Pump buzzing/vibration


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My 2 month old H100i is making a buzzing/vibrating sound.

The sound decreases if I put my hand on the radiator, I originally had "2x scythe gentle typhoons 1850" but am now using "2x corsair SP120 quiet edition" and the noise is still there with both fans.

I have tried plugging the fans into the H100i and also connecting via Molex 3 pin adapter but it makes no difference.


Is my H100i faulty? as the noise is really annoying...


BTW I am using a Corsair obsidian 350D, the H100i is installed at the top of the case in a push configuration "blowing air out the top of the case".

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Well you could have multiple issues here. you could have a problem with you fan mounting, radiator mounting and most likely waterblock mounting. What I recommend is you figure out which of these problem you have. try pushing on the acutal radiator against what ever its mounted to, if the noise/vibrating stops than its a problem with the rad mounting. if this is so try re installing the radiator and maybe buy new screws.


next try pushing both fans gently against the rad and the mounted spot. if the noise stops then re-install the fans, (if noise/vibration persists try re-installing both the radiator and fans). also you might just want to get new fans, because the ones you have might be unstable and failing.


Like the other person said, if the noise stopped while pushing the water block against the cpu then you should try re installing it, I recommend getting after market thermal paste. if any of the following help contact me again.

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