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K95 & M95 over KVM not working


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I am using the K95 keyboard / M95 mouse and have them plugged into a Aten KVM / Aten KVM Extender and I am not able to get the keyboard or mouse to work.


Aten KVM CS-1758 (USB)

Aten KVM Extender CE-700 (USB)


The keyboard lights will come on but the key strokes are not recognized. The mouse lights will come on but when I try to move the mouse it will not move but will send random characters to the screen.


I tried moving the keyboard switch for the BIOS to each of the 4 settings but it made no difference. Do I just have to move the switch around or do I have to restart the computer after each BIOS switch change for it to be recognized?


The keyboard and mouse work well when its directly plugged into the PC. I've also updated the firmware to the newest versions.


Any suggestions? Otherwise I may have to return the products...



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