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Corsair air 540 casefans noise


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just bought the Corsair 540 air !


The pc was installed and all worked fine.

The day after it the case fans made a slight ticking sound

even tried to use MSI command center to see if the fan is not overspinning it

all the case fans connected to the mobo sysfans


still making noise.


Any know what to do ?

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I had what I thought was some fan noise, and isolated it to the top panel amplifying a very small vibration.


I reseated (removed and replaced) the top panel, and have not had a problem since.


As wytnyt stated, first step is to determine exactly where the noise is coming from.



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is i stop all3 fans , there is no noise , when i let them all 3 go the noise is back , they are hooked up to the Z87-g45 motherboard , i've went into the bois to the hardware monitor and i see that they are all on 50 % load , but i can't get them lower then that
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