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New Corsair Air 540 Problems


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I recently picked up the Air 540 yesterday which I like immensely but I have a few serious problems with. The first and most important is the plastic used on the hot swap bays is very fragile, when I put in my mechanical hard drive one of the clips just snapped off in my hand. I'm usually very careful with my storage especially with my important hard drives as I know how sensitive they are to shock. My biggest problem is I cant get the hard drive out now.


Even the other quick swap bay with holds my SSD has a crack in it and its ready to break too. Also I have been having some issues with one of the front fans LED working intermittently and it makes a really annoying clicking sound.


I have contacted Corsair and opened a ticked but I have not heard back from them due to the New Year. Should I just return it? Anyone have any idea on how to get the hard drive out of the drive cage with a broken clip?


Many Thanks

I have include a picture



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use a screwdriver or something to push that pin in to pull out. I agree that the drives are somewhat a pain to get out of there. They should just be able to send you a replacement hdd bay cage. Its easier to pull out an SSD than a platter drive.


Where abouts is the pin located? I've been trying to get it out but no luck so far.

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