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GS800 need 4 pin (PSU)


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My GS800 just came - looks great. However, it is a 6 pin. I need a 4 pin.


I was told I can separate the pins? Or is there an adapter? I did a quick search here and also on youtube. I must be doing it wrong. Can I still use this PSU? Or do I need to return it? The person who said I can separate them it sounded easy. Anyone know where I can find a video? Or a link to an adapter? (I'd rather separate I want it done now!)



The government is watching you help me :sunglasse

We both thank you kindly ::pirate::


TY :roll:

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If your using the 6 pin , it's the wrong cable. You should have an 8pin cable marked CPU". That will split in to two 4 pin connectors.


It will be part of the main cable bundle.


Ok, I got it.... It is right there marked on the cable.... CPU.... It is an 8 pin. How do I "split" t? Rip out pins? Get a hatchet?


Honestly, that was the quickest answer I ever received on any tech support forum. TY.

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