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Carbide 500r issues


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Recently purchased a white Carbide 500r cabinet. While i like the cabinet quite a bit there are 2 issues that have crept up immediately:


1) The front right side USB port will not work. The left one seems to work - so the issue seems to be isolated to just the right.

2) Vibration from the cabinet: I have 4 HDD and these seem to vibrate in unison for some reason. This actually gets surprisingly loud and the vibration extends to the keyboard and other parts of the table on which the cabinet is kept.


Additionally - the side fan seems to have a wire that has a mismatched number of holes than the pc fan port on the motherboard. By forcing it in the fan works - but I am concerned that I am bending the metal connectors on the motherboard.


Would really love to get a response soon.



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The connector on the Side Fan is different than a standard fan connector because it also has the wire for the light in the fan.


That connector should be plugged into the 500R fan controller. There is an additional (unused) wire coming from the controller for the side fan. If you follow the front fan cables back, you should find the one available for the side fan.



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