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Buzzing from new HX850


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So I recently bought (through Newegg) and installed a HX850. I did this because I plan on upgrading the GPU down the line (it's only a year old right now) and wasn't sure if my TX650 was up to the job. The TX650 was only a year old, but it had coil whine as I gamed, so I hoped that upgrading would be the end of the whining too.


Well...now this new PSU is buzzing. And it is the PSU; no the GPU --- If you put your ear to it you can hear it buzzing. I already had a look at that sticky thread and did what was recommended, but still nothing. I researched the problem and it seems people with similar problems have a high chance of getting a PSU with the same problem if they RMA...and I honestly don't want to pack up and send it back if all I'm going to get is a PSU with more buzzing/whining.


It is very particular when it buzzes. For an example, one instance when I was playing Skyrim I killed a troll and every time I passed my cursor over the trolls dead body I'd get this buzzing noise from the PSU. If I leave the cursor over the troll and buzzing persists and will stop if I pause the game and continue when I continue the game. It's the exact same damn thing that happened with my other PSU, except that was a whining and this is a buzzing. Other times when I play a game like Mass Effect the buzzing will happen off and on after playing for 30 minutes of so, which again, was the same as the old PSU.


I don't really know what to do about it. The sound is coming from the PSU not the GPU, and it is driving me bonkers. If I do RMA it does everything have to be perfect? I pretty sure I used a good chunk of those twist ties that came with the box.



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It's not uncommon for a PSU to buzz slightly. However you should not be able to hear it over the rest of your system. If this is the case, then you can request an RMA to have it replaced.


Have you tried any of the suggestions out lined in the Noisy PSU Sticky?



Yeah I tried it. Didn't work.


So if I'm RMA-ing should I do it through Corsair or Newegg? And are they going to make a stink if the box is a little torn and some tie-downs are missing? Also, like I said in my original post I don't want to RMA for another unit that buzzes. I read that you can request that Corsair test an exchanged unit. How?

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If it's less than 30 days old then I would start with the Egg. otherwise use the link to the left to request an RMA.


No, the box shouldn't matter. At least to Corsair, but the Egg you may want to check with.

I read that you can request that Corsair test an exchanged unit. How?

When you fill out the RMA form just insert a note asking them to check the new PSU before it ships. But unless there was some sort of catastrophic failure that they want to look at first hand they wont test a returned PSU.

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