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I am not one who complains without giving folks a fair shake, but what is the current backlog like in responding to technical support/replacement parts tickets?


When you open the ticket, it says one business day response.


I have been trying to get a replacement H110 backplate due to a stripping of one of the holes where the washer goes in -- It has been over 4 business days (1 calendar week, given 2 days off for Xmas).... and I also left a voice mail on Friday as well. The ticket still shows a status of New.


If there's a backlog, at least don't say expect one business day response and instead give a more accurate estimate (though 4+ days is slow).


This is certainly not doing much for Corsair's reputation in my mind. Corsair supplies a premium market -- but this is definitely not a premium experience. In my most recent build, I used more $ parts from Corsair than from any other vendor (650D case w/mesh, AX860i PSU, H110 cooler). The stuff works quite well, except for the H110 backplate (and CorsairLink software on Win8.1, but hey, I can even understand that Corsair has much more hardware expertise than software expertise).


It's the radio silence on a simple replacement part request that's really creating a negative impression.


I am almost ready to move on and just buy a replacement part from one of the Asetek shops on eBay (but you betcha that I will look at other AIO coolers for the next build).



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Thank you very much. It just happens that someone finally responded a few hrs after my post! So my case is resolved, though my feedback remains that response times seem to be an area needing work. Strangely, seeing others in a similar situation was reassuring in that my case wasn't lost in the system or some such.
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