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Firmware Version Change Log History


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I am trying to find change log history of Force 3 Firmware drivers.


I am currently using 1.3

I have 1.3.2 firmware and just downloaded the 5.05a. But I can't see what the benefits of the firmware or what they are fixing.


My system is stable with 1.3, once a month I get BSOD and on reboot the mobo can't find the any drives. But doing a cold start fixes that issue.



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Unfortunately, There is no changelog available for the 5.05a firmware. Its most likely due to a NDA preventing them from posting the fixes. If information is allowed to be public, it will be posted.


Updating the firmware is optional if the SSD is working normally. Rarely do firmware updates cause problems, but sometimes one may appear unexpectedly. I would highly recommend you backup your important data before deciding to update the firmware.


I would suggest you to look into any BIOS updates available if the motherboard cannot detect any drives.

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