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TX650V2 Shutdown under load


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I recently upgraded my video card to an MSI R9 280X from a HD 6850.


Since upgrading I've been having problems with the PC shutting down under load. I've tried monitoring temps and the CPU isn't reaching anything above 80C in a Prime95 test and the GPU reaches 75C max in Furmark. The PC hasn't shutdown in Prime95 so far but shuts down in Furmark after around 20 minutes. I don't think this is a temp related issue as I've tried this with the GPU fan at 100% with the side panel both on and off my HAF X.


From what I understand the TX650V2 should be more than enough to power my system. I've tried underclocking the card and disabling my CPU overclock but crashes still occur.


The PC will shutdown instantly when it crashes with no BSOD and does not turn back on unless I flick the switch on the PSU off for a minute or so.


I've got the GPU connected using the two 6+2-pin PCIE connectors.


The PSU is almost 1 year old now. The fan on the PSU doesn't appear to be spinning which I assume is due to the temperature sensitive design, assuming that is the case for this PSU. However, I tried running Prime95 and Furmark together to put maximum possible stress on the PSU and after around 10-15 minutes the system shutdown without the PSU fan ever starting.


Edit: Using a plug in power monitor running Furmark pulls around 300W and if running Prime95 too pulls around 400W so 650W is plenty to run the system.

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Solution update:


As expected the fan was the culprit, I inspected the PSU but couldn't see any bulging/leaking capacitors.


I also tried blowing some of the dust out with compressed air but the problem still occurred.


Finally I gave the fan a little push and it clicked. I rotated it a couple of times and installed it again.


Upon turning my PC on the fan powered up for a few seconds which it has never done before. Now under load the fan turns on for a couple of seconds preventing it overheating.

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