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Shipping replacement case part to Portugal


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I was trying to purchase a replacement part for my 800D, but when I get to the billing address there's no option for Portugal in the country drop down menu, how would I go about acquiring a replacement part? I have a credit card, just not the option to actually buy it. :\


I recently purchased a 800D, I started assembling my build and left all the protective plastic in the front while building so I wouldn't scratch it in the process. When I went to install the drives, I noticed the piece that holds the drive bay door closed was broken, the rest of the broken piece was nowhere to be found, so I don't think it broke during shipment but on the assembly line.


So the case is still under warranty, but I don't feel like disassembling everything and send it back and I don't mind paying the 9.99 dollars + shipping for the door.


I just need help getting it delivered to Portugal.


Thank you.

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Wait! If the case is still under warranty simply submit an RMA request. They should be able to just ship you the piece you need.


As far as I know they should be able to ship to your location. I'm sure one of the Employees could confirm that though.


At any rate I would still get the ball rolling and use the link to the left! :)

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