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Need to upgrade to a larger SSD soon, which series to go with?


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Hey all. I've currently got a Corsair Force GS 180gig (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233311 for exact specs) SSD and I love it. I will never, ever go back to using a regular hard drive for my boot drive again. Its so fast. I still use a 750gig Western Digital Black drive for my music, videos ect but for my Windows, games and other essential programs I use the SSD.


Anyway, I'll get to the point. My SSD is almost full, I've got like 7gigs free out of 167 (I even get a little warning message that I need to clear up some space..). So I've been debating to go up to say a 240gig SSD.


I've seen Corsair came out with the Neutron series though and was wondering if I should stick with my current GS series or switch to a Neutron series? I mainly use my rig for gaming (WoW, SWTOR, WoT ect), watch movies on it and do some work and school work on it. So which series would be the most ideal to switch (or stay) with if I'm mostly using my rig for gaming?


Thanks in advance, I appreciate the feed back! :sunglasse

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From my personal usage, you cannot truly go wrong with anything we sell. My preference is the Neutron or Neutron GTX drives. Bullet proof, rock solid, fast.


What's the real difference between the Neutron series vs the GS series that I'm using? Is one or the other really any faster/more responsive than the other?

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I think the current drives from any of the major manufacturers are going to work out well for you should you choose to up-size.


That being said, I think a jump to 240 would provide a minimum of relief and you'd be bumping up against the limits in short order. I'd recommend more if you can afford it or, if you can, jump to a RAID0 by adding another drive like the one you have. That would put you at 360GB and you would probably see a performance increase as well.


In the interim, you could consider moving your swap file and hibernation file, if you use it, to your mechanical hard drive.

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When I had bought my GS I thought 180 would be more than enough for the few programs that I was using at the time, then I ended up trying out a couple more MMO games and added a couple more software programs and yeah.. lol. I'm still debating between getting another GS (with more gigs of course) or going with the Neutron GTX.
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According to the product pages.


The Force GS uses a Sandforce Controller while the Neutron GTX uses a LAMD controller.


Force GS 180GB



Max Sequential R/W (ATTO)

555 MB/s sequential read

525 MB/s sequential write


Neutron Series GTX 240GB



Neutron 240GB

Max Sequential Read Performance: up to 555 MB/s

Max Sequential Write Performance: up to 511 MB/s

Max Random Write (4k Aligned): Up to 85K IOPS

Max Random Read (4k Aligned): Up to 90K IOPS

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