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My thoughts on the 900D.


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Just got the case on Saturday.


1) Tons of room.

2) Really like the HDD cages and the ability to put them where you want.

3) Included radiator mounts and the ability to mount radiators in multiple places.

4) Easily removable side panels (see below).

5) Like the wider design.



1) The side panels are tough to get off at times (maybe add a spring to push the panel out?).

2) The finish is not good. I'm thinking about getting some parts powder coated.

3) The lower doors don't line up all that well.


Corsair needs to improve the quality control.

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I also found that the small nut on the hinges for the lower door is too tight causing the door to bend slightly.

The top panel of the case is just bad. I would have liked it if you could remove it like the front panel and it be a solid piece of aluminum but with venting for a 480 radiator.

Please get rid of the small "locating" pin that should be a motherboard stand-off. If you buy this case and you need a locating pin, you need a new hobby.

Less external 5.25 bays would be nice.


One final note. Please get rid of tool less "features". I've never seen the usefulness of this in any PC case.


I will be modding this case. Pics to follow.

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