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Corsair SP2500 sounds system problem


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Hi, I recently got the 2.1 SP2500 system for Christmas. Very happy with the sound quality but there is a very big problem.


The system will randomly crackle and pop loudly then stop playing any sound at all, both the satellites and sub. This could happen as soon as they are turned on or after a few hours of use. From here they will either stop playing sound for a few moments, crackle pop again then work and possibly repeat or they can stop playing sound for periods of 10+ minutes. Switching the system on and off doesn't remedy this.


While this is happening the system is fully powered and the controller is fully functioning. I'm able to change settings, volumes and switch between satellites and sub menus. I have tried using different mediums such as plugging the system into an MP3 player and am met with the same results. The only things I can think of is that there is a loose connection within the sub possibly to the power or the audio jack connecting the sub to the I/O outputs is faulty.


Thanks for any advice.

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