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Problem updating Force 3 to 5.05A


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Hi all,


So using the latest Corsair Field update (sure its version 1.1) - I'm trying to upgrade to Version 5.05A firmware.


Drive is currently wiped so no fear of losing data, I note however that the instructions say to use the sandforce manual updater if using 1.3.x firmware to upgrade to 5.05A - I can't locate this.


Anyways - I've managed to use the SSD firmware update tool to get up to 5.05 (shows a signature of 142-142-22788).


When I downloaded the 5.05A firmware files there were three files - 22788_fw.vic, 22793_fw.vic, and 22853_fw.vic.


Using the first file has taken me up to 5.05 - but theres no A - One would think that flashing the next file would take it higher but I get no change from 5.05 (788).


Any help here would be appreciated:


- Can the ssd update tool now be used to flash from 1.3.x to 5.05? - if not wheres the software to manually update?

- If it can be used why are there three firmware files (as listed above) - but I can only flash one?


thanks in advance for any assistance.

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1. 22793 and 22853 aren't newer files. They're for other Force 3 120 GB drives. Re-flash with the 22788 file to be safe (although I doubt the attempts to flash with them worked).


2. If you want, you can use the SSD Toolbox and it'll update you to firmware 5.07.



There is no firmware change log for any of the firmware at this time.

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Thanks for the response bud.


It seemed to allow flashing of the other files but I'm pretty sure they didn't work as the file signature stayed the same.


Think the instructions on this forum section need updating if one can flash from 1.3.x straight up to 5.0.x.


Might also want to change the link from the main web page FAQ's so it points to the latest SSD toolbox software instead of this older one :cool:


thanks again.

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